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I would recommend MicroDOT helmet for those trying not to look like a dork on their scooter.

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James shared his Terrific Review.

"Went with Micro*DOT because... American lol. But seriously this is a well-made helmet. I needed a new one because the old one I had was a "novelty" one I had bought the day they passed the helmet law in California and if you held it up to the sun you could see light through it. Well, I was going on a ride across state lines to Utah and thought I had better get a real Dot approved lid. I had less than a week to go before I left so fast shipping was essential. I got my Blister lid the day before I left. If you follow the instructions on sizing you should be good to go. Make sure to watch the videos to get the perfect fit. They ask not just the size of your head but whether it is round or oval. Putting you in the perfect brain bucket for your noggin. Seems like a great company with a great product giving the customer a personalized experience to ensure customer satisfaction. I would recommend Micro*DOT helmet for those trying not to look like a dork on their scooter"


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Walt G: Helmet was what I wanted, lightweight, not too big, happy with my purchase.

Dwayne B: Great place with great products

Fareed A. Real Good

Sondra M. I LOVE my new helmet!!! It's light on my head and I can actually turn my head now without the wind blowing me head back: wink:)

Ashe B. Love my new helmet


Gregory B: I Am very pleased with your product. Very good communication, thank you! Would recommend.

Thank you all for supporting this Veteran Own Business.

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