The best customer experience and helmet you need.

Posted by Lucy Lowthorp on

See what Corey has to say about Micro DOT Helmet Co.

“I have been looking and buying helmets recently to find "The One".

Measuring, emailing, buying, waiting and most times they aren't what they say they are.

But the Micro DOT is "The One". From the moment I went to purchase my helmet you're shown links to make sure it's the right helmet for you. Teaching the proper way to measure, the type of head you have, round or oval, and lastly to the surprising follow up call to go over it all so you have the best customer experience and helmet you need.

As for the helmet, bar none, hands down best helmet I own. Lowest profile DOT out on the market. Perfect fit, comfortable and amazing look and quality material. If you're on the fence about this helmet, don't be. This is the one.“


Thank you Corey, your words made all the difference in our world!

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