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A Guide on Different Types of Helmets

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A good quality helmet is the most essential accessory for every motorcycle rider. It not only ensures the safety but it also delivers a stylish look to the rider. To get the best and suitable motorcycle helmets, one must know about the different types of helmets present in the market.

In this post, we will touch upon several most common types of helmets. 

Full Face Helmet

Getting a high-quality full-face thin motorcycle helmet should always be the priority for long rides. A full-face helmet is designed to cover the whole face and neck; thus, it provides complete protection. Considering its design, a full-face helmet is known to be one of the safest. It also has a chin bar that prevents chin injury during the accident. Try to get a full-face thin motorcycle helmet for optimum comfort.

Open Face Helmet

As the name suggests, open face helmets are designed to cover your complete head but not the face. These kinds of helmets are also known as ¾ helmets. The reason why this type of helmet is known as the open face is that it does not have a chin bar and due to that design, your face remains open after wearing the helmet. Besides choosing open face thin motorcycle helmet, we must also suggest you get the certified lightest dot helmet.

Modular Helmet

Modular helmets are made having a flexible chin bar. What we mean by saying this is that users can flip up the chin bar of these helmets and that is why they are also known as flip-up. Due to the structural design of these helmets, experts regard them as a combination of open face and full-face helmets. We must advise you to get a modular thin motorcycle helmet for the utmost comfort.

Half Face Helmet

This helmets are designed to cover and protect your head. Half face helmets are also known to be lighter than other types. One thing you must always consider while buying helmets is to select the certified lightest dot helmet for durability and comfort, like a MicroDOT Helmet.

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Off-Road Helmet

They are specifically designed for dirt bikes and can easily be identified with their big chin bars. These kinds of helmets might not be the thin motorcycle helmet but they are known to be the lightest and toughest.

Dual-Sport Helmet

Everyone wants light and thin motorcycle helmets, but one needs to compromise if he wants to get a stylish helmet. A dual-sport helmet is said to be a combination of off-road and full-face helmets. These kinds of helmets are padded ones and are considered more comfortable. Just like off-road helmets, they have large visors but lower chin bars.

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