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How to Order -Step by Step Instructions- for Shopping Helmets Online.

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 Looking For The Smallest DOT Motorcycle Helmets? Here's What you Really Should Know.

DOT-approved Motorcycle Helmets are not something you wear because it is the law in some states. It is an essential life-saving product that costs way less than your hospital bills in otherwise scenarios. If you have the privilege of riding a bike, you need to buy the smallest DOT approved helmet for bikers. There are a few essential things to keep in mind when shopping for riding safety products. 


Watch this video that shows How to Order and the Step by Step Instructions for Shopping Helmets Online.

Look for the right size:

Your head shape is different than your buddy's head. So, if you think you can wear his helmet size, that will make you order the wrong helmet. The right size is imperative. A loose-fitting helmet will shake or wobble during the ride, decreasing protection in case of an accident. So, always make sure that you buy the best helmets that fit your head, tailored for your protection. 

A good Small DOT motorcycle helmet must cover your full head circumference. Take the measurement against the manufacturer's chart to order the one that fits your dome.

Tip: Wearing somebody else's helmet does not provide proper protection, as helmets mold to the rider's head. Suppose your head is round, and your friend's head is oval shape; In that case, the different pressure points will mislead you in choosing the right helmet.

Look for a comfortable helmet:

A good biker helmet must also protect your head from injuries, but it does not need to be uncomfortable! A small DOT helmet should not hurt your neck or shoulder; if it does, you need to change for a lightweight DOT brain bucket like a Micro DOT Helmet.

One of the reasons people don't like wearing a helmet is that it feels unnatural. The lack of airflow, ventilation makes it stuffy, suffocated, sweaty, and itchy. Micro DOT Helmets are designed to provide comfort and safety.

Style is necessary too:

You don't want to wear a helmet that doesn't make you look good. Several motorcycle manufacturers have come up with different styles, tones, colors, and types of motorcycle helmets that suit your personality. So, you can check those out and see if they offer style and safety together. 

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Certifications are a must:

You don't want to end up investing in a helmet that is not certified. So, look for motorcycle helmets that are DOT-approved and do not buy otherwise. Look for the label on a helmet since it proves that the manufacturer has followed all safety guidelines and quality checks. More than anything, it is a quality purchase.  

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