Tips for new bikers: How to Buy a Helmet

Tips for new bikers: How to Buy a Helmet

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We will not sugar-coat it: Bikers helmets determine your safety on roads. All you need is a perfectly sized lightest motorcycle helmet, which is DOT certified. A DOT safety rating is only valid for a correctly sized helmet. In case of a crash, your helmeted head experiences an impact, and the absorbing liner is designed to manage those superior forces. But, if there is a prevalent gap between the helmet and your head, you are practically endangering your life.

Many innovations are currently going around to make helmets more impact-absorbing and safer to reduce injuries resulting from road accidents. On the other hand, if the helmet is too tight because there is too little gap, the helmet will make riding uncomfortable, resulting in accidents and crashes. Good fitting of a motorcycle helmet prevents all such problems while letting the helmet do its job.

While you might feel that all helmets have one singular purpose, not all are created equally. There are plenty of options for everyone, including price points, head shapes, and riding styles. You have to pay attention when picking the lid up and only buy a Department of Transportation certified helmet.

With this said, choosing the right helmet doesn't have to be a daunting task, and the following points will make it a cakewalk for you.

Choosing the right helmet style:

Motorcyclists have never had so many biker helmet choices available. While it's fantastic to have all these options, it can make the process overwhelming as well. There are five basic helmet styles available.

  • An open face helmet is the least restrictive and protective.
  • The full-face helmet encloses the rider's head, protecting their nose and eyes as well.
  • Modular helmets give the user the benefits of both open-face and full-face variant.
  • Half Shell Helmet allows you to enjoy the roadway .helmets' wind and freedom for adventurous riders only.
  • The dirt helmet is specifically for off-road riding.

Determine your head shape and size:

People generally have two head shapes,oval  and round  . You will have to figure out your head shape. Once you know your head shape, you can compare it with the helmet's size chart to determine which size you need to order.

Try the helmet on:

So, you know what style of helmet you want; now you need to narrow down the search to the range of helmets that will work. Look for characteristics like the DOT approval, material of the inner liner, if it has an original quick release and the after sales support with lifetime warranty that gives you value for your money. 

When wearing your helmet, remember the  helmet is designed to be comfortable while it is sitting on your head.   You also need to adjust your ears to the helmet. The focus should be on the helmet fitment on your head.


In the initial days of wearing a helmet, you might find the lightest motorcycle helmet a little uncomfortable. Give it a few days to adjust, and if you feel protected in the helmet, you are good to go.

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