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Is There a Helmet That Doesn't Ruin the Experience?

Yes, a MicroDot Helmet gives you comfort safety and freedom on the road.

It is a small beanie open-face helmet that meets the DOT requirements for motorcycle helmets.

smallest beanie open face micro dot helmet

Helmets are made to protect and cushion the head of a motorcycle rider from the impact of a crash. Unlike cars, there are no airbags, seat belts, or much less a structure that can protect the body in a motorcycle accident.

While not a foolproof item, a helmet is the first line of defense against a traumatic head injury. Helmets are estimated to reduce crash deaths by 37% and brain injuries by 67%; therefore, their use is necessary when driving on two wheels. Although it is hard to believe, many people are against using these security features. Their argument says that they can cause neck injuries, reduce peripheral vision and hearing in themselves, affecting the senses necessary for good motorcycle riding.

To enjoy the riding experience, it is well recognized by the biker community that any biker must wear a DOT-approved helmet as minimum safety and security requirements. In addition, they must wear complete safety clothing for greater protection, including padded gloves, armored jackets, protective pants, and special boots for motorcycles. Lights and bright clothing help as a safety measure.

To avoid suffering an accident on a motorcycle, there are training courses in the proper handling of these two-wheeled vehicles, which is essential to take. There are also programs for experienced riders to hone their skills. Still, the real highlight of this is that these instructions present the necessary resources for adequate protection on a motorcycle. Taking one of these courses means wanting to be a responsible driver in the face of your safety and that of others.

What Are The Different Types Of Motorcycle Helmets

Larger and heavier helmets used to be the standard for a day-to-day motorcycle ride. Over time, smaller beanie MicroDot helmets are the most popular in a fun cruise setting. As much as the motorcycle ride varies, so do the dot helmets.

smallest beanie open face micro dot helmet

Because half shells let you see the sights, hear the sounds, and smell the aromas better than any other type of helmet, they're valued by riders of vintage classics and cruiser bikes. To shield the face and mouth from bugs and other road grit, sunglasses, goggles, and bandannas are often worn. (See our Motorcycle Head Gear and Accessories Section).

The style of the motorcycle helmet is very much coherent to the type of bike you own. When cruising with friends or club’s, choosing the right  accessories and appeal is very important.  

A comfortable low profile motorcycle helmet must include a good chin strap to hold the helmet in place and a fabric liner inside to absorb the sweetness and reduce itchiness on the road. has the best beanie mini, slim helmets, suitable to all experienced riders and newbies.

Besides the style, there are also material, and texture points to the helmets. It could be made of Fiberglass; Carbon fiber, or ABS. To learn more about what material choices are there in motorcycle helmet construction advantages and disadvantages, please visit this article 

Don't forget to factor the weather and the type of road you will ride on.  Earpads are necessary to block the wind and cold and facilitate communication when using Bluetooth devices. Face masks or neck gaiters protect you from dust and the elements on the road. Protective eyeglasses are critical to prevent dirt from hitting your eyes that may cause an accident. And a comfortable seat cover like a MicroAir Seat Cover that supports your weight and allows the air to flow between your bike and your jeans preventing a sweaty damp butt when you are on the road.


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