Micro•DOT Helmet Company

Makers of the original Micro•DOT Helmet Company is the industry leader in compact, ultra light weight, DOT Certified Motorcycle Helmets.

Every Helmet in Our Lineup has Three Key Features In Common:

• Every helmet weighs less than a standard bottle of water.

• Quick Release helmet straps for a safe easy on-off experience.

• All helmets have a minimum 1" polystyrene protective layer, for additional safety.

**All helmets meet or exceed the minimum requirements for DOT Certification.
Don't be fooled! No others are smaller and lighter than a MICRO•DOT Helmet!


Every Helmet We Carry Weighs Less Than a Bottle of Water

Community Involved

The founder of MicroDOT Helmet Co. has been actively involved in the biker community for well over 40 years. Since 2014 he has helped lead thousands of people into the growing culture of motorcycle enthusiasts.

They are responsible for creating charitable and memorial events. Our staff also attends multiple biker rallies and events across the United States including the Lone Star Rally, Republic of Texas Rally, Arizona Bike Week, Progressive International Motorcycle Shows as well as many others.

lifetime accident replacement

Micro•DOT Helmet Co. is committed to your safety at every turn of the bend. Therefore every helmet made by Micro•DOT Helmet Co. comes with an exclusive, lifetime accident replacement guarantee.

After an accident, DO NOT continue to use your helmet!

It is our goal to make sure no one reuses a helmet after an accident.

Industry Standards

Fiberglass is the more desired material from a safety standpoint. When the shell of a helmet is made of fiberglass, jagged edge cracking cannot occur.

Fiberglass is made from a woven fabric and is overlaid with a high impact resin. A chemical reaction then occurs between the fiberglass and resin creating a hard, rigid surface. Instead of a jagged edge crack, the impact creates a spider web effect which dissipates energy much more evenly. After an accident, the point of impact on the helmet will resemble a bruise. It becomes a soft spot, like the top of a baby’s head.

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Our Lifetime Free Replacement Policy

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