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How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet: A Helmet Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet: A Helmet Buying Guide | Micro DOT Helmet Co

Someone has rightly said, prevention is better than cure, and wearing the right helmet is your safety partner for all your traveling expeditions.

No matter if you are riding a motorcycle as a pleasure seeker or a regular commuter, riding on two wheels can only be a phenomenal experience if you are well protected and safe. Therefore, you need to invest in a piece of necessary equipment, a riding gear, namely a helmet. Body protection is a must when riding a motorcycle, and nothing can be more critical than buying one of the best low-profile motorcycle helmets, a MicroDOT Helmet.

But, do you know how to pick up the best and lightest motorcycle helmet for your riding plans?

The type of bike helmet you buy depends on whether you ride for fun or commute to work.

 The following are some of the most important aspects of a helmet you must consider before buying any helmet.

  • The Design of The Helmet:

If you are a  motorcycle riding enthusiast, then you probably must have scrolled through cool and sexy pictures of riders with their helmets. You should also notice that every rider  wears their full riding gear in which the helmet design is highly crucial.

There are various types of helmets available in the market, including full face, modular, ADV dual sport, open face or skull cap helmet and half shell. The design of the helmet you pick will ultimately take care of your safety. So, do not just look for appealing helmets, but the ones which ensure your safety.

The Outer Shell of The Helmet:

The helmet's outer shell needs to be manufactured using a solid lightweight material like polycarbonate so that it can sustain the impact of a crash while not making you feel heavy on your head all the time. Look for a lightweight motorcycle helmet equipped to take care of your head during any such haphazard situations. Don't prize money over your safety and look for models that ensure your safety and security at all times.

  • Inner Foam Material:

When looking for low-profile motorcycle helmets, you need to study the inner lining and the foam. The foam should be made of good quality material, hypoallergenic, and preferably laser cut to offer a premium and comfortable fit.

  • Strap and Locks

A good low profile skull cap helmet must have high-quality chin straps and a buckle system that offers a tight fit and don’t  let your helmet slip away even if you crash.

It is much better if it is a quick-release clasp.   Imagine getting into your car and every time threading your seat buckle strap through a set of D-rings. Absurd, right? You are doing this every time you put on your helmet.

Cut the cycle of unnecessary effort with a quick release buckle kit from a Micro DOT Helmet. This tempered steel and high impact lock secures your straps and allows you to put on or take your helmet off more easily.  The quick-release from a Micro DOT Helmet is proven to be reliable, fast and the most convenient way to fasten and unfasten the chinstrap of a DOT-approved helmet.


Your safety is always in your hands. So, buy the best Ultra Low  Profile DOT Helmet
and prevent any uncertain events from happening.

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