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classic micro dot beanie open face helmet
Considering Lightweight Helmets for the Best Biker Experience

Old helmets redirect energy; lightweight Micro DOT helmets absorb it; that's why experienced riders...

Bluetooth for open face Micro Dot Helmet, Senna 10c
Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth

Intercom Bluetooth devices for Open Face Micro DOT Helmets help the biker stay connected...

small micro dot beanie blister helmet
Use Your Head, Don’t Lose your Brain. Wear a Micro DOT Helmet.

Why wearing a Micro DOT Helmet? Because now you can say no more to headaches,...

Why do people not wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle?
Why do people not wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle?

Myths and facts about wearing helmets Many reasons come to mind. Some people...

micro dot helmet, beanie, low profile, motorcycle helmet
How do you buy the right helmet?

Why considering a low profile helmet? Open face helmets date back over...

What Makes a Good Motorcycle Ride?
What Makes a Good Motorcycle Ride?

Motorcycle Ride… is it for Everyone? Get the right gear and enjoy the...

What You Should Know About Motorcycle Helmets
What You Should Know About Motorcycle Helmets

A Biker helmet, including microdot helmets, also known as beanies for...

Micro DOT Beanie Helmets Sturgis
Where to Buy Motorcycle Helmets in Sturgis 2021

The 2021 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is green-lit and ready to roll, and  Read More

What is a Micro DOT Helmet
What is a Micro DOT Helmet

A MicroDOT Helmet is a Bikers Helmet that has Five Key Features In Common: 1. It Weighs Less Than a Standard Bottle of...

small beanie micro dot helmet
How to Choose a Bikers Helmet According to Your Ride.

A biker can choose an open face, modular, full face, or half shell. You can...

 Smallest Low Profile Beanie ultra-compact Helmet that allows the rider to wear accessories to complement their comfort on the road.
How to Choose The Right Bike and Helmet For A Safe Ride

If you understand what you prefer to ride, you can equip yourself with proper...

Twister, a Reversible Baseball Cap Helmet, can wear front or backward, the same style as the Mayan half helmet, MicroDOT Blister
Thunder Beach Rally Panama City

MicroDOT Helmets, the nationwide leader in the Smallest and Lightweight...