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8 Essential Motorcycle Riding Skills

8 Essential Motorcycle Riding Skills

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Motorcycles are a mean of transportation that offers riders rapid mobility compared to other vehicles. The use of motorcycles is becoming increasingly popular, especially in large cities where traffic collapses, especially during rush hours. But riding a motorcycle requires a lot of awareness and compliance with regulations; otherwise, it wouldn't be safe for you or others to be on the road.

If this is your first time riding a motorcycle, reading these tips might help you start immediately. If you are an experienced rider, a quick review of these points may help you continue enjoying your motorcycle.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When you are on a motorcycle, you need to be alert to the circumstances, conditions, or objects around you, as you never know when something will appear in front of you. So, before you start riding, wear your motorcycle gear at all times according to your bike. If you need help finding the attire and accessories for your ride, then take your bike to the shop, and they will be happy to explain the types of protective gear you may choose.

Wear a Helmet

Although it sounds repetitive, wearing a DOT helmet is one of the recommendations every biker should consider whenever hopping on a bike. Brain injuries are the most common cause of death among fatal victims. Using a helmet reduces deaths in accidents, lowers the severity of head injuries, and diminishes the risks of riding a motorcycle.

There are different types of helmets on the market. The fundamental thing is that the helmet is safe and made of a resistant material. It should fit snug, adapting to the head, and it must be well secured on your head. It needs to be certified according to the regulations of the Department of Transportation. As a minimum, you should wear a half-face helmet. It protects the skull from hitting the pavement and reduces injuries. Get a Micro DOT Beanie Helmet that meets the DOT requirements.

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Read and Understand Your Bike's Owner Manual

Even though riding a motorcycle may look easy, please read and understand the owner's manual that comes with your bike. This manual will tell you what tools are on the bike, where they are located, and what they do. This will help you to become an expert on your machine very quickly. Put the manual in your bike's bag for future reference when you're not riding. So, when you get in trouble, you can have a quick read through the manual and may avoid calling road assistance or your insurance.

Be Aware of Other Riders and Drivers Around you.

When you're on a motorcycle, you must follow the rules of the road just as you would if you were driving a car. On a bike, you need to be aware of other drivers around you, so you can react and avoid having an accident on your two wheels that may end with broken bones, concussions, and scrapes. If an accident happens, wearing the wrong gear or not wearing a helmet can lead to severe injuries.

Consider your Position on the Bike.

Just as important as being aware of your surroundings is being aware of your position on the motorcycle. Make sure that when you sit on the seat, you can hold the weight of the bike, both feet planted on the ground while you have a good grasp on the handlebars. If you question how much weight your body can hold, you may be looking for a fall which could lead to injury or even death.

Control Your Speed

Like just about everything else in life, it's best to ride at an appropriate speed. Respect the speed limits because if a vehicle commits a careless maneuver in front of you or if there is an obstacle on the road, you will have some time to react. It is essential that you be cautious in any risky situation. Remember to have your driving license with the motorcycle endorsement and your motorcycle insurance in case of an accident.

Look for the Ideal location on traffic lines and Check the Weather App.

Avoid driving in the blind spot of cars and between lanes, as it is not only crucial that you maintain a good view of the road, but it is also necessary that other drivers can see you too!

In case of rain, it is better to shelter until the weather conditions are more favorable. If this is impossible, drive carefully and use the brakes as little as possible to avoid slips and potential falls.

Respect the passenger limit and be careful what you drink.

Avoid carrying more than one passenger. In addition to being prohibited by law, it is dangerous for people riding the motorcycle and others on the road.

In case of bringing a buddy behind you, please offer some basic instructions and expectations before starting the trip. For example, you must indicate the need to align the spine to the seat rest and always keep the feet on the footrests. The passenger's hands must go on the motorcycle and not on the driver's body because it may limit the ability to maneuver by putting too much stress on the arms, diminishing the ability to hold the bike's balance.

Finally, although it seems obvious, you should not drive if you drink alcohol or if your physical and/or mental conditions are not optimal when you ride a motorcycle, as you need to be focused and alert on the road.


Even though riding a motorcycle may look easier than driving a car, you must follow basic safety measures if you want to ride with confidence and enjoyment. Always be alert to your circumstances, conditions, or objects around you. Wear a helmet. Choose from a half-shell helmet that protects the skull from impact, like a MicroDOT Helmet. Read and understand your bike's owner manual. Be aware of other Riders and Drivers Around you. Be mindful of your position on the bike. Control your speed. Look for the ideal location on traffic lines, check the weather app, and finally, respect the passenger limit and be careful what you drink.

Here at MicroDot Helmets Company, we hope these tips are helpful for you. Please leave us a comment below.


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