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How To Take Your Dog on A Motorcycle

How To Take Your Dog on A Motorcycle

Do you know if you can take a dog on a motorcycle? The answer is yes, but with certain conditions. 


A week ago, I lost one of my dogs his name was Atom. I miss the affection the loyalty and the love that my Boston-Huaua gave me for 10 years.

dog on a motorcycle

Since I was little, I have always heard the famous phrase, "Dog is man's best friend. " This phrase has its origin in a trial held by the lawyer George Graham Vest? On September 23, 1870, Vest represented a client whose hunting dog, a foxhound named Drum (or Old Drum), was killed by a sheep farmer. The farmer (Burden's brother-in-law) had previously announced his intentions to kill any dog found on his property. The neighbor killed the dog, arguing that it was self-defense, but Burden found out it was not and reported it. During the trial, the lawyer George Graham Vest pronounced the famous phrase "dog is man's best friend. " in a speech that left everyone emotional. Burden won the trial, and Hornsby paid a $550 fine. 

Today, dogs are an active part of many people's lives. We share leisure time with them, we give them all the care (sometimes even a little excessive), there is even a growing fashion for pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, tourism, and of course, Motorcycle helmets for pets. 

If you also share your day-to-day life with a dog and have ever thought about putting it on your motorcycle, read this post to know the legal way to transport your dog on a motorcycle. First, you need to wear your safety Motorcycle Helmet, to make it better you may get a MicroDOT Helmet


The truth is that even if they are man's best friends, I don't know if they will agree with our idea of ​​riding on motorcycles. If we want to ride a dog on a motorcycle, we must ensure that they are appropriately restrained, so they do not suffer or cause an accident.

In addition to this basic rule, we can choose between several ways to take our dog on a motorcycle:

  1. Back Seat Bags: we can transport our dog inside the carrying luggage on the back seat, as long as it is a small dog that does not weigh more than 20 lb.
  2. Backpack: Several brands on the market have developed backpacks to transport pets that do not exceed 20 lb in weight. They have ventilation systems and can also be used to transport cats or other types of pets. Depending on the motorcycle or scooter, you can carry it on your back or between your legs.
  3. Motorcycle dog carriers: These carriers can fit larger dogs as they go on the motorcycle's chassis. They can be mounted on a rack similar to the one used to mount a top case, and, as in the case of the backpack, they have a ventilation system. Remember that you will have to be fit to raise and lower your dog and count on possible strange movements that the animal may make while driving.
  4. Sidecar. If your motorcycle allows it and you want to transport a larger dog on a motorcycle, this may be the most comfortable way you can find. 

I hope you have found this post entertaining and that you continue to be " the best friends for your dogs." I will miss my Atom for the rest of my life, still I have Cosmo and Winter to share more Motorcycle rides.

Share your opinions about riding your dog on a motorcycle. 

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