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Reflections after Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Beanies, Bikers, and the Crazy world in front of us.

Reflections after Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Beanies, Bikers, and the Crazy world in front of us.

For years, MicroDOT helmet Co has been the crazy guys selling beanie helmets with a FREE accident replacement policy, call us crazy, but we think that if I spend about $100 bucks on a helmet that may get destroyed whenever my head hits the pavement, I should have the assurance that it will get replaced free of charge.

Though bikers that wear full face helmets look at MicroDOT Beanie as an odd, weird helmet for motorcycle bikers, we believe that it's a no-brainer to choose a small Micro D.O.T. approved that wearing no helmet at all. A Micro Beanie D.O.T. is the perfect choice to avoid a heavy, bulky, hot, and goofy mushroom head that itches like crazy.

One of our advantages is our human-to-human interaction, excellent pre, and post-sale customer service, easy exchanges with no long, tedious forms to fill out, or holding on the phone for hours, or wasting the emails sending emails that get no response.  We believe we are not too crazy when we say, send it back, and you will receive your money back!

Despite global problems, wars, famine and pandemics the good news is that we bikers, maintain common sense in business and manage it with ethics and honesty. Do we make mistakes? Yes, for sure, we refuse to pay giant sharks to use robots in an impersonal virtual reality that keeps us separated from each other. We prefer to work with our family of associates that make MicroDOT a great place of business, and when we mess it  up? We own it and fix it.

To conclude, after three weeks in Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, we still have faith in humanity, we believe in a group of humans that deserve to have fun riding bikes, feeling free on the road, and building long-lasting relationships in a world that thinks that bikers are crazy.
It is our goal to make microdot as cooler as your spirit of freedom, so don't let the "crazy" win get out in the saddle and enjoy the beauty in life.

Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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