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What is a DOT Approved Micro Dot Beanie Helmet?


Have you heard everybody talking about MicroDOT Helmets?

A MicroDot Beanie is a compact, low-profile, and lightweight helmet for bikers looking for something more stylish than traditional helmets. It's also DOT-Approved, protecting the skull of those that would like to wear a helmet but don't want to wear a heavy, hot, and bulky full-face standard DOT style, which is the traditional design for biker helmets.

Protect your head with style.

The Micro Dot Twister is a reversible Beanie DOT-approved helmet that can be worn as a hat and is easily stored in your bag. The new models have a sleek design, are lightweight, and come in 3 colors (Black matte, black gloss, and grey carbon fiber look) to match any rider's style. Our goal is to provide riders with an affordable, stylish way to stay safe on the road.


Micro Dot Beanie Helmets

Either you love them or hate them. MicroDOT beanie motorcycle helmets are designed for bikers that enjoy the wind on their face and that can not or don't want to wear a heavyweight accessory on the head. MicroDOT Helmets meet DOT standards, are compact, and are designed to fit into a backpack or travel. You can now go on a ride without worrying about what will happen to your helmet because it is secured in your saddlebags.


Safe, stylish, and affordable helmets for bikers

The average motorcycle helmet is bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable. These helmets are light, don't crush your neck, and come in various colors. You'll be able to ride longer with less fatigue and have a stylish look at a very affordable price!

small-beanie-reversible-dot-twister helmet

Your head deserves the best protection.

This helmet will protect your head in case of an accident. It's made to withstand the impact of a crash and keep you safe.

Micro Dot Beanie Helmet for bikers is the perfect lightweight and stylish solution to staying safe while still looking good.

 And if you get in an accident, just return the helmet back to us, to receive a free brand new helmet

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