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What To Look For When Buying A DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet 

What To Look For When Buying A DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmet 

Introducing The Lightest Helmet Motorcycle Experience 

What do we mean? That once a MicroDot helmet gets down, it virtually disappears on your head, feeling more like a baseball cap than a motorcycle helmet. The coverage of this helmet is limited to the head by design
With a MicroDOT beanie helmet, the biker is plenty of visibility, an absolute must on the road to look for hazards around you.  
A MicroDOT Helmet should sit evenly, snugging your head, covering most of your forehead, and stopping just an inch or so above your eyebrows. It should not tilt back toward your hairline or at another funny angle. This is the most common mistake people make with helmet fit. The sides must go low enough to avoid pressure on the ears. To secure proper "snug factor," the helmet comes in seven sizes fitting heads from 20 to 25 inches.  

Now snap together the chin strap. Close the quick release and adjust both sides of the strap so that the buckle hangs just under the center of your lower jaw. The strap has seven adjustment points; it does not need to be cinched super tight against your skin. It's OK if it dangles in the breeze a little bit. Just be sure there's no more than a finger's space between the strap and your skin. The strap should feel slightly snug against your jaw when you open your mouth.
It is essential to check that your helmet fits correctly before each ride. Things get loose, and they'll need to be readjusted if you ride with a cap or headband underneath your helmet. The good news is that all these tiny adjustments quickly become second nature, and you'll be able to do them with your eyes closed after just a few rides.

MicroDOT Helmets Accident Replacement Policy

And remember, once you've crashed in a helmet, it's no longer meeting DOT standards. If it is a MicroDOT Helmet, you can send it back to the company, and they will replace it with a brand new helmet. You can find more about the accident replacement policy here. 

DOT Requirements for Motorcycle Helmets

Any dot-approved helmet should meet all the required standards to decrease the impact on the head. The comfort and wearable nature of the helmet also rely on the material. The aerodynamic aspect of it is also an aspect to consider.  

  • Dot test is conducted to check if the manufacturers adhere to the safety standards.  
  • Manufacturers that pass the dot test can only market the products legally. 
  • An impact test is an essential part. They also conduct the operation to navigate the outcome in a particular environmental situation.
  • A penetration test is available to check the penetrating effect on the helmet.
  • A retention strap test is conducted to check the nature of the helmet. Around 50 to 300 pounds of weight is initiated to the helmet to study the impact. 
  • Now, peripheral vision is also an important test that will determine the functionality for riders.  

So, Should You Choose a MicroDOT, The Lightest Motorcycle Helmet?

If you want to avoid a heavy feel that looks like a mushroom head, then a MicroDOT helmet is for you. This lightest helmet style can suit you under any weather if you wear the proper accessories. Get the dot-approved stylish products from for a secure yet leisure experience.

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