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Products - Micro DOT Helmets and Accessories For Helmets

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Home of the Original MicroDOT Helmets Co.

Whether you are looking for an SOA Style helmet like a Micro DOT Blister or a Mayans Reversible helmet like a Micro DOT Twister, we are here for you. 

Micro DOT Helmets is ready to provide you with the best Open Face Helmet. A Micro DOT Helmet is lightweight, DOT certified, and small enough to fit in your saddlebags. 


Our Helmets are also covered by a Lifetime Warranty and protected by an Accident Replacement Policy.

The safety and freedom that Micro DOT Helmets provide will take you on rides around your city, county, state, and the world. 

Please browse our store or call us now at 817-478-0497

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