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Blister Original-Small Low Profile Micro DOT Beanie Half Helmet

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Blister original is the Micro DOT World’s Smallest and Lightest SOA Beanie Helmet. If you prefer to ride with a retro classic style helmet that is DOT, and the Sons Of Anarchy style, you need a Blister.

A Micro DOT Blister Brings out the BADASS Harley enthusiast that Drives everyone Crazy in Daytona, Sturgis, Arizona, and everywhere else! 

Get free shipping and a lifetime accident replacement warranty.

Wait no more a Micro DOT Helmet is for you! 


Exclusive Features:

  • Uniquely Named For Its Blister Shaped, Low Rise, Contoured Style
  • High Impact ABS Shell provides for Great Energy Diffusion.
  • Snug, Comfortable Fit prevents helmet lift at high speeds.
  • Ratchet Design Quick Release with Universally Adjustable Strap
  • Fabric Liner keeps helmet fresh and reduces the "itch factor."
  • Available In Matte or, Gloss Black Finish 

Standard Features:

  • Ultra-Light Weight Design Weighs Less Than a Standard Bottle of Water!
  • Lowest Profile Available while maintaining DOT Certification
  • 1" Thick Polystyrene Protection Layer meets the Minimum Requirement for DOT Certification
  • Customizable, Quick Release Safety Strap for an Easy On and Off Experience
  • High Impact ABS Shell provides for Great Energy Diffusion.
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Safety Feature Defects*
  • FREE Accident Replacement Guarantee **

Measure Your Head

 Since our designs are proprietary, our helmets DO NOT fit like the cheaper universal Helmets.

Please measure your head before ordering. Just in case, we always call you to confirm the correct size and see if we can answer any other sizing questions before shipment.

The Best Fit is an Initially Snug Fit. Our helmets mold to your head after a short period of usage.



Our Customer-Friendly Return Policy

At MicroDOT Helmets Co, we apply the same common sense that is used when children are at the store. "If your break it, it is yours." 

If you need to return or exchange your helmet, please do not alter, manipulate, cut the tags, scratch, damage the shell, remove the belt, the liner, the straps, or the safety device.

For details on how to take advantage of our "Happy Guarantee Policy," please click here to read our full return/exchange policy.


*   Lifetime Warranty against all Safety Feature Defects

** Free Replacement if in Verifiable Accident. (Police Report Required)

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