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10 Motorcycle Helmet Care Tips You'll Love

Do you know the tips that guarantee the care of your low profile motorcycle helmet

You may be surprised to learn that your motorcycle helmet is more fragile than you think. Providing proper care to your helmet will prolong the life of your helmet and protect your head.

MicroDOT Mayhen Beanie Helmet

Top Ten Tips for Motorcycle Helmet Care!

  • Fragile, handled with care. Treat your MicroDOT helmet as if it was a breakable object. Dropping a helmet from waist height could cause damage, even if it is not visible. Microdot helmets have been designed to disperse an impact throughout the entire shell. Every impact or fall weakens the structure. 
  • Use that helmet clothing bag wherever you go. Carry the lace cover that comes with your MicroDOT beanie helmets when you ride. This can be used to wipe your helmet down when you are off the motorcycle. It will protect it against bumps against the walls of the saddlebags.
  • Do not hang your helmet in your mirrors. And this applies to any other accessory. Not only can a gust of wind lift your smallest dot helmet and send it flying to the ground, but it's another surefire way to damage the inner lining.
  • Say no to stickers. The glue of the stickers damages the helmet. You may not realize that a smooth surface is important for a helmet and its safety. You want the surface not to get stuck on the ground in case of slippage or impact.
  • Only water to clean your helmet. Clean the shell only with water. If you feel you need to use a substance, use a mild soap or a cleaner made for helmets. Average cleaning products can damage the protective layer again, causing the helmet to deteriorate—
  • Insects. To get rid of insects in your beanie motorcycle helmet, try spreading a damp towel or tissue paper over it for ten minutes, and you will see that they come off quickly.
  • Avoid furniture wax to clean your helmet. This was a common practice in the early days when suitable products for polishing furniture were available for helmets. But nowadays, most furniture waxes like Pledge contain petrochemicals that are harmful to plastic and polycarbonates. 
  • Stay away from fuel: Avoid storing your helmet near fuel, cleaning fluids, or excessive heat. All this can damage the shell, the EPS liner, and the straps.
  • Store your gloves elsewhere. Do not store your motorcycle gloves inside your helmet when you are off the bike. Your gloves are likely to have traces of gasoline that can ruin the inside of your helmet. And if you have Velcro closures on your gloves, these tend to stick to the helmet lining and cause pulls or damage to the lining.
  • Five-year update. Most good helmet manufacturers recommend changing the helmet at least every five years. And if you fall a lot or survive a crash (often in racing), replace it immediately.

In conclusion, your MicroDOT Beanie helmet is one of the essential parts of your motorcycle equipment and a necessary tool for comfort and protection in case of an accident.

A good quality motorcycle helmet is not a small expense. Learn how to take care of your MicroDOT to protect your investment.

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