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What to look for when buying a helmet

micro dot helmet beanie small motorcycle dot approved helmet
If you’re somebody who loves to ride a bike and even owns one, considering a Microdot Helmet will be an innovative and safe move.

The road is flooded with vehicles from different brands, sizes, and shapes, and you never know when your life can take a dangerous turn. In such instances, your only protection is a biker helmet that protects your head from taking the toll of a serious accident or any other mishap on the road. 

But helmet protection is not only limited to accidents, but a myriad of other problems you’ll face on the road- dust, dirt, mosquitoes, and particles from getting into your eye. However, to gain the proper protection against accidents and particles on the road, you need to look for the right helmet. And the following are some qualities you need to look for before investing in a motorcycle helmet. 

  • Consider the Safety rating

The most critical attribute of a motorcycle helmet is the kind of safety in a crash. This will be determined by the safety rating, as ascribed in the US by the DOT. So, look for such ratings in your new helmet and check if it complies with the international standards. All MicroDOT Helmets meet the minimal requirements for the DOT certification

small dot motorcycle microdot helmet

  • The weight of a helmet

MicroDOT Helmets are lightweight, avoiding strain on neck and shoulders, Always make sure that your helmet is as lightweight as it can be. If its weight is more than you can bear, you will not ever be comfortable riding a bike with that on your head. Also, you need to check the balance of the helmet over your head and if its weight is well-distributed across its structure. Check if you feel heaviness on either side of your head to avoid pain on neck or shoulders

  • Does it come with a locking mechanism?

Helmets MUST come with a strap lock. MicroDOT Helmets come with the quick release, best lock in the market. It is the two fingers one-click lock for easy in and easy off. The strap must be designed to endure and keep the position of the helmet on the head at a high impact. 

  • Internal padding and fitting

Different helmets come in different designs, mostly brand patented technologies. Helmets vary in shape, design, structure, and internal padding. You need to check for its inner padding and ensure the half helmet does not vibrate and cause a painful headache.

  • Choose the right size and shape for your head. 

Helmets are made following specific measures of proportion. MicroDOT Helmets come in seven sizes from XXS to XXL; choose the right one according to your head circumference measurement. A MicroDOT Blister is made to fit in round-shaped heads. A MicroDOT Twister is made to work better on oval-shaped heads

small dot microdot helmet beanie light weight

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