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Are MicroDOT Beanie Helmets Safe?

small dot beanie helmet

Are Micro DOT Beanie Helmets Safe?

All the smallest MicroDOT helmets have two main requirements. The first and most important is to be strong enough to protect the head and skulls of bikers. Secondly, the helmets need to be lightweight not to compromise the biker's ability to ride. The materials of a low-profile motorcycle helmet need to be light, durable, and strong to meet these requirements. In this blog, we break down the components of a beanie motorcycle helmet, listing the materials used to make each to minimize head and brain injuries.

The Original Materials of a Low Profile Half Helmet

Before we get into the materials of a micro dot helmet in the modern era, let's first look at the original materials used for protection. Earlier bikers wore skull caps made of leather and lined with fur, but concussions, and severe head injuries were common. In the early 20th century manufacturers developed helmets in thick  and heavy plastic that made them hot and sweaty so many riders opted not to wear a helmet.

Modern Materials of a Small Motorcycle Helmet

The development of low-profile Micro DOT helmets has come a long way since the original helmets. Over time stronger and more durable materials have been used. Additional features such as quick release and soft silky straps have been added to protect the brain and skull. Here is a breakdown of the materials used for each motorcycle beanie helmet.

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Outer Shell

Modern MicroDOTs with the lightest dot helmet tend to use polycarbonate plastic for the outer shell. Polycarbonate is a very hard material that offers significant protection to the skull and brain of riders should a collision take place and cause less strain on the head and shoulders. The material is a durable polymer that maintains its properties even when temperatures are cold in the winter months. Despite being a thin material, when the polycarbonate material is molded into the shape of a shell, it is very strong and remains lightweight.

small micro dot lightweight helmet

Lining And Padding

Lining and padding are added to the shell's inside to provide additional protection and comfort for bikers. The lining is made of expanded polypropylene which absorbs the shock from a collision. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) returns to its original shape after an impact. This makes it a perfect material for a motorcycle rider who may experience crashes during a ride.

Chin Straps

The chin straps are typically made from highly durable strong nylon allowing the chin straps to withstand high-pressure levels during collisions. A quick-release buckle is used to connect the straps to the outer shell.

In conclusion

Bikers' safety while on the road is under the spotlight, given the number of concussions bikers suffer during an accident. The materials used all tend to share similar characteristics of being very strong, lightweight, durable, and able to maintain their shape following impacts. These materials offer the best possible protection against skull fractures and other head injuries.

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