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How to Tell if Helmet is DOT approved

Are you one of the many folks who enjoy cruising on their bike and wonder if your Beanie Helmet is safe and approved? keep reading. Your dome will thank you.

The right helmet can help protect you from serious impacts while cruising at high speeds in and around traffic or on the highway. At MicroDOT Helmets, we’re all about helmet safety, and that’s why we put together this guide entirely focused on factors you need to take in account when purchasing a beanie helmet for bikers

small beanie micro dot beanie helmet for riders


With the high gas process, bikes are one of today’s most popular forms of mobility. In many cities across the country, bike shares have popped up all over the place to help make that last mile to your nearby destination easier and breezier than driving in heaving traffic. And, more and more commuters are choosing bikes to get them to work, class, or the store. 

New research suggests that the bike market is rapidly growing and expected to reach nearly $600 billion by 2028. Will you be part of the upward trend?  


The short answer: Yes. It’s essential always to wear a helmet while riding a BIKE. If you accidentally fall, you could pay the price. So, let’s make sure your noggin’ is covered. 

Whether you live in a helmet or a non-helmet state, be a safe and smart rider wherever you live or your age. Always wear a helmet as your life depends on it — because it does.



There are many different types of helmets out there on the market. Before you end up doom scrolling down the Amazon rabbit hole, here’s what to look for in a beanie lightweight microdot helmet that will go the extra mile. The best helmet should have a comfortable fit, come in a design that combines safety and style, and offer a damage warranty. Here’s why...

  1. COMFORT: Comfort can mean many things to different riders, which is why it’s essential to consider a couple of not-so-minor detailsMany riders prefer a lightweight helmet, mainly since they’re carried in the saddle bags while not being worn. There’s nothing more annoying than schlepping around a heavy, clunky helmet. 
  2. Fit: In our experience, helmets in seven sizes are more likely to feel more comfortable on the head than those in the standard five sizes. Check the size guide and measure your head to find out which size is right for you. 
  3. DESIGN. We know design is pretty subjective. We’d like to think we designed a good-looking helmet beloved by many people. Our feelings aside, let’s take a look at the basics. 
    • A quick-release strap that makes the removal easy as a breeze with two fingers only   
    • Nylon silky chin straps for both function and comfort 
    • A discreet carry bag that keeps the helmet clean and protects it from scratches
  • 4. SAFETY. When you purchase a helmet in the U.S, you can rest easy knowing it passed the DOT safety standards. To hit the shelves, all helmets must meet the DOT FMVSS 218 certification.
  • 5. WARRANTY: At MicroDOT Helmets, our Free Accident Replacement guarantee is an extra layer of peace of mind. We’ll replace your helmet for free if you happen to be involved in an accident and your helmet is damaged. Of course, we hope you’re never in an accident!  


Click here to find the best protective gear like ear pads, safety glasses, and face masks designed for Micro DOT Beanie Small Helmets


The popularity of Bikes shows no signs of stopping. The fun factor is real. Plus, bikes get you around faster and are cheaper when pumping at the gas station.  

Every biker has different needs, and we’ve learned that comfort, fit, design,  safety and warranty are the main factors when considering a helmet. 

Now, you get to choose the best MicroDOT helmet for you.

Compare our Twister and Blister collections to see if one is the right fit for you.

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