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Buying Guide: Picking the Best Motorcycle Helmet to Fit Your needs!

Buying Guide: Picking the Best Motorcycle Helmet to Fit Your needs!


The best motorcycle helmet isn't the most expensive helmet on the shelf, but rather the one that fits your needs and provides protection that meets DOT standards. If you're looking to buy a new open face biker helmet that is DOT approved, you've come to the right place. There are a lot of different options when it comes to buying a helmet. It is worth noting that No helmet will fully prevent trauma as researchers have found that DOT helmets only help alleviate the harm to the head and neck when an accident happens. 

Several considerations should be made when choosing the best motorcycle helmet for you. The style, the material, the size, and the shape. The small DOT approved helmet is affordable and proved quite impressive after considering all safety and performance factors. With that in mind, let's consider our recommendations for the best open face Micro DOT approved motorcycle beanie helmets. 

So, What Is the Best Motorcycle Helmet?

The small beanie low profile helmets are designed to protect your head. Please be mindful that in this kind of helmet, it is recommended to wear riding safety glasses, face shields, and ear pads to reduce the wind noise on the road. This helmet should fit snugly on your head, have strong, resistant straps, and a safety lock that maintains the position of the helmet on the head. The open face half shell helmets provide complete visibility without restrictions on the road. If you're worried about getting too much dirt, get a nice face covering to complement your headgear. 

How To Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet

Finding the right size of a helmet dot is like finding a pair of shoes that fits just right—you have to find one that delivers the safety of both you and your bike.

A properly fitted helmet should be snug but not too tight. It should be level on your head and not slouch back. The front edge of the helmet should not be more than one inch above your eyebrows.

Micro DOT beanie helmets come in seven sizes, from XXS (20") to XXL (25"). The helmets are constructed in ABS and Fiberglass and come with a quick-release system with seven locks that allow the straps to be tightened or loosened with only two fingers. The inner lining allows the rider to apply foam to fill spaces between the head and the helmet. 

Are you curious about the size of your dome? Here are three easy methods to determine your head size and choose the correct helmet size.

  • Step One: Get a measuring tool.

It's pretty hard to get an accurate measurement with a measuring tape used for home improvement projects. Using a tailor's tape will be better, but if all else fails, use your phone charger and put it against a measuring tape or a ruler.

  • Step Two: Measure your Head Circumference

Place the tape around your head, measure just above your eyebrows, and check the length.

  • Step Three: Choose a Size.

Please refer to the Size Guide provided on each Micro DOT Beanie helmet product page. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing down. We also offer headliners that not only help to absorb the sweat but also improve the fitting of the helmet.

  • Step Four: Determine your Head Shape:

If you have a round head, we recommend you choose a Mayhem German helmet for motorcycle riders or a Blister Low Profile Helmet.

If your head is oval, select a Twister Reversible helmet, which is designed to be worn with the brim back or frontward

  • Step Five: Custom Fit your helmet DOT.

When you receive your new Micro DOT Beanie DOT Helmet, wear it for 30-60' before going for a ride. The interior EPS liner will adapt to the shape of your head. Then simply snap the helmet on and clip the buckle adjusting the straps. The straps should form a V and rest lightly on each ear.

A snugly fitting helmet should fit without slopping back. It should not bow forward or backward and should not be too small. The front edge of the helmet should be no more than one inch above your eyebrows.

Now, you can go for a ride!


The best motorcycle helmet is the one you wear every time you hop on your bike. A helmet dot approved can help you protect your head and your neck from injuries. Among many other things to consider when choosing the best motorcycle helmet, an important one will be the price. We recommend looking at the small beanie Micro DOT helmets, which are pretty impressive once we consider all relevant factors. 

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