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Six No Common Tips About Motorcycle Safety


Even though riding is something that many motorcyclists cannot live without, everybody knows there are risks associated with it.  The basic rules of the road advise never to ride under the influence of alcohol, don't pay cheap labor or parts when you need mechanical work on your bike, wear appropriate safety gear and obey the laws.

If you plan to start riding, we have other tips to help ensure your riding experience is as safe as possible.

1.Before Riding, Test Drive Your New Gear. 

Did you find a colorful $800 full-face DOT approved helmet that matches all of your current gear? Cool, isn't it? Well, not too fast. You may discover that after minutes on the road, you may start feeling pain in your neck, soreness in your back, a headache, or if it is humid the visor fogs, decreasing visibility. Do yourself a favor and get a Micro DOT Helmet. A MicroDOT Beanie is a low profile motorcycle helmet that is small, lightweight, and is a DOT approved helmet. Since it is open face, it is not hot and does not itch. You will be riding comfortably. 

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Did you get a new jacket? Does it numb your arms after a few minutes on the road? If so, wear it for style but don't bring it to your long rides. Vests, Chaps, and Leather Jackets must be soft, allowing the rider flexibility and total freedom of movement.

The same goes for gloves. Choosing gloves around an imaginary throttle is difficult, so we do not recommend buying cheap gloves that may be prickling or tingling in your hands, which can spread upward into your arms losing control of your bike.

2. Keep A Rain Suit In Your Saddlebags

Everyone may feel weather expert on two wheels. Even on a sunny day, an unexpected rainstorm can quickly turn a pleasant day of riding into a dangerous or even difficult stroll back home. Furthermore, wetter motorcyclists are subject to a near-constant cooling effect while on the road.

So when the rain comes, stop, gear up, put on your waterproof, lightweight rain gear jacket, and hope on your bike! It is easy to store on your bike and provides instant water and windproof protection

3. You Are Safe Around Bikers:

Motorcyclists are portrayed as bad guys on the streets or at night. The word ''Biker'' has been misused by those who don't quite understand our lifestyle. Most bikers are not members of a dark biker club or are uneducated people. Because we prefer two wheels doesn't mean we have a death wish. We welcome all those who share a common love of motorcycling and like to have fun.

4. No Need to Show Off. Ride at Your Comfort Level

Don't try to impress anyone. Take breaks to refresh and get energy. Signs of fatigue are sometimes hard to identify. Some bikers may experience dozing or short involuntary periods of inattention. In few seconds the motorcycle could span the length of a football field. Avoid also riding in cold weather without proper warm gear. Look for shelter when icy conditions or high winds are coming your way; otherwise, you could experience a disaster. 


5. Avoid Road Rage. Be Patient and Calm.

You will improve your skills on the road with practice, but your attitude while riding is as important as the riding skills themselves.  When you are a rider, you may be hit by a car. If you lose your temper or behave recklessly out of frustration, something terrible might happen to you. Save that pent-up energy for the gym, not the road.

6. Who' Is Your Riding Buddy? Choose the Right Riding Group.

Being part of a group is part of the appeal of riding a motorcycle, but before you join a ride, ask yourself who you are riding with and what their riding style might be. If you're riding with aggressive, risky high-speed riders, it may be best to go alone for the day. Choosing your buddy rider may be challenging, but it is well worth the effort.



I hope these tips are helpful when adventuring on the road, so you may have plenty of future rides and memories to enjoy on your motorcycle. Do you have any other suggestions? If so, please comment below!

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