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Considering Lightweight Helmets for the Best Biker Experience

classic micro dot beanie open face helmet

Are heavier helmets deemed safe? Not necessarily if your neck gets injured due to the stress and vibration on the bike. Traditional helmets are built in a dense, heavy plastic shell that slows movements and causes fatigue.

Heavy helmets not only strain the neck and shoulders but cause riders to crunch their head, which is the opposite of a safe ride.

  • Get the Lightest Motorcycle Helmet

Old helmets redirect energy; lightweight Micro DOT helmets absorb it; that's why experienced riders always prefer low profile dot helmets built in a high impact resistant shell that is light and ultra-strong.

The padding absorbs impact instead of redirecting it. The lightweight improves performance and protection.

Micro DOT helmets come in seven sizes, rather than 5 (From Small to XL). The Multiple sizing options secure optimal fitment.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced rider, a beanie Micro DOT helmet is a necessary accessory on the road.

micro dot beanie blister open face motorcycle helmet

  • What To Expect in Lighter Motorcycle Helmets?

Light helmets are smaller and less bulky than the standard super Mario mushroom head. The lightweight nature of any helmet reduces trauma on the head, neck, and shoulders. 

Micro DOT offers different styles. The Mayhem German Beanie type gives the classic look of old movies.  

small beanie dot german helmet microdot mayhem

The low profile Twister is a reversible helmet that the rider can wear with the brim front or backward. You can choose a dark matte or a gloss finish with the dot stamp ideally located on the back of the head.

beanie reversible twister microdot helmet for motorcycles

It is essential to measure the head size for suitable helmets. These low-profile helmets are very much distinguishable from other kinds.

The low profile beanie Microdot helmet comes with silk straps to hold the small helmet in place. These straps have a quick release making the donning on and off as simple as two fingers 2 seconds simple task. If you want an upgrade, get a shell in fiberglass, it can never go wrong. 

Buy The Best Accessories for Half Face Helmets

Micro DOT Helmets provides accessories for the low profile helmets, like headliners that absorb the sweetness and humidity from your head.  

microdot headliner for motorcycle helmets

The reduce coldness or wind inside your ears, make sure to strap a couple of ear warmers that adjust to  your helmet. These are designed to hold your Bluetooth accessory in position, improving your riding experience on the road.

ear pads wind noise blocker for motorcycle helmets

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