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Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth

Bluetooth for open face Micro Dot Helmet, Senna 10c
Hands-free or Bluetooth systems are now standard in cars and motorcycle  but what are the most important features you need when wearing an open face Micro Dot Helmet


The first thing to do is clarify that Bluetooth systems purchased to adapt on a Micro Dot Helmets, should not alter the helmet's structure. The DOT standards do not permit any attachments to the helmet that protrude more than two-tenths of an inch (0.20 inches or 5 mm) from the helmet's surface. Also, don't drill holes on a Micro DOT helmet as it may compromise the shell's integrity and void the DOT certification.
In addition, a Bluetooth system for motorcyclists must allow the ambient sound to be perfectly heard so that the driver can perceive, for example, the sound of the vehicles around him, a horn, or any other acoustic signal that informs or alerts him. of a near danger. 


Bluetooth and intercom devices  keep riders and their companions connected over a greater distance and enjoy their rides by listening to their favorite music. The intercoms of motorcycle helmets can allow you to take a call without using your hands, stream music, listen to the radio and follow the guidance instructions of the GPS,
Even though drivers with Bluetooth in the helmet do not use their hands to operate it, it reduces the attention on the road.
The technology is evolving, developing waterproof devices built-in durable materials that endure the elements on the road.


For best quality, use Bluetooth 4.1 and not 2.0. It will give you better range, better quality, and has longer battery life. We recommend to look for 12-15 hours of battery life.

  • Intercom for a motorcycle to motorcycle conversation: It allows real-time communication with other motorcycles cruising with you. Make sure your riding buddy has the same system to pair them and enable communication between bikes
  • Bluetooth for conversation between rider and the passenger. In the case the range is not a problem, you can use Bluetooth 2.0 to communicate with your passenger
  • Bluetooth that links to a mobile phone. The device automatically answers calls and streams music
  • Bluetooth intercom that links to the motorcycle's audio system, MP3, or GPS.

When buying a Bluetooth device for a Microdot Helmet, make sure the device has a kit compatible with half-face helmets for bikers. To improve the fitting, get a pair of Earpads that reduce background noise the wind and enhance the quality of the sound when you are on the road.

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Each manufacturer has its way to adjust the device, but in general, the Bluetooth kits for half Microdot helmets come with:
• The main unit
• A charger cable
• A pair of speakers
• A boom mic rather than a stick-on mic.
To fit the unit to your Micro Dot Twister or Micro Dot Blister, you will either use a stick-on fitting or a clamp-on fitting. Some units come with both.


Intercom Bluetooth devices help the biker stay connected while on the road. On the other hand, it may increase distractions and cause accidents. Get a Bluetooth 4.1. If you and and your riding buddy ride frequently together, buy a Bluetooth intercom set that comes as a pair and split the cost. They'll easily connect and can be used separately.
Check to see what weather-proofing your headset has before you buy it. If you're likely to ride in all weathers, you'll need a waterproof headset, not just a water-resistant one.

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