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How to Choose The Right Bike and Helmet For A Safe Ride

The best comfortable helmet is the one that gives you a comfortable fit when riding on hot or cold days. At Micro DOT Helmets  we offer the Smallest Low Profile Beanie ultra-compact Helmet that allows the rider to wear accessories to complement their comfort on the road.

For most of us, a motorcycle represents freedom, and even that little bit of rebellion that we all hope is still alive somewhere inside the responsible adults we are. Wearing a DOT Certified helmet even for a short ride can leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Riding offers you time to unplug from email, text messages, and the rest of the world to focus just on what is around the next curve. And taking a long weekend to explore and unwind can feel as good as any week of vacation that you can recall. There are some straightforward reasons why bike enthusiasts experience this clarity after a ride. Motorcycle riders are fast, fun, and even trendy. Many participate in riding for simply loving old-school rides. So, we can understand that motorcycle rides sparks freedom, but at what cost? Safety is earned and not a privilege. Accidents and mishaps are unavoidable circumstances, solely depending on time and place.

Are You Riding Comfortable?

To ride safely and comfortably, awareness on the road is inevitable. Your protective gear is essential for every ride, and DOT Certified helmets should be synced with the ride type.

•Cruisers: Cruising motorcycles have a very distinct look. Their styling is reminiscent of American bikes from the 1930s to 1960s, and the vast majority of models are equipped with a V-twin engine. The other telltale sign is a relaxed foot-forward riding position; cruisers typically have a low seat, wide handlebars, and footpegs pushed toward the Bike's front. This layout emphasizes rider comfort, and it makes the cruiser an excellent option for commuting or leisure riding.

•Sport riding: Sport motorcycles are the most performance-oriented category of motorcycle. They feature a lightweight frame, a powerful engine, and seating and handlebar positions that encourage a dynamic riding posture. Though sport bikes are available in relatively low-power configurations that can make them accessible for beginners, most brands focus their marketing on the fast acceleration and high speeds these bikes can achieve. Sport motorcycles' agile handling and quick braking can make the suitable model an excellent first bike for learning. Still, it's essential that the rider respects their boundaries and doesn't give in to the Bike's potential for speed.

•Touring: If you plan to ride very long distances, a touring motorcycle is a better choice than a cruiser or a sport bike. Touring bikes usually have fairings or windshields, larger fuel tanks, saddlebags, seating for a passenger, engines with a lot of low-end horsepower, and a relaxed, upright riding position.

•Standard riding: Standard motorcycles are the oldest motorcycle style that manufacturers have been producing. A standard combines an upright seating position with the handlebar at a comfortable distance away from the rider. The foot controls fall right underneath or a little forward of the rider. Many modern standard motorcycles feature classic '60s and '70s, with updates for comfort, technology, and performance.

A cousin of the standard is the naked motorcycle, a thoroughly modern take where form meets function. The smaller-displacement standard motorcycles are considered by most to be the best beginner motorcycle. If performance is more of your style, production streetfighters save you the hassle of stripping a sport bike.

Why is the choice necessary?

If you understand what you prefer to ride, you can equip yourself with proper riding gear for security and a DOT certified helmet is where you can start browsing.

A cruiser helmet like a Micro DOT Beanie Helmet is the best option for a long-ride serenity experience. One can opt for a Twister, a Blister, or a Mayhem with Earpads, a Face Mask, and Riding Glasses for Eye Protection.

Bottom line, riding is a sport that befits a band of brothers and sisters sharing the passion for freedom on the road. If you're an experienced, safety-conscious rider, mentor someone new to the sport showing your riding family that their safety is your concern. We are responsible for keeping each other safe. How can we do anything less?

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