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How To Make Your Motorcycle Helmets Last Longer?

So, how long do these motorcycle helmets last?

Just like any other physical product, it comes with a natural lifespan and must be replaced periodically. 

Thinking if you should go for an $800 Helmet?

Just like you stop using a toothbrush with worn-out bristles, the same goes with your helmet. The exterior of a helmet lasts for several years without undergoing any structural damage; its internal padding becomes sweaty and unhygienic caused by the bacterial breakdown of sweat. 

 How to Care for Your Small Motorcycle Helmet? 

 Your helmet supports you on your trips. So, it is only fair that you take care of it after each ride, not just to extend its lifespan but to ready it for future motorbike rides. 


-Do not use alcohol 
-Never use pressurized water,
-Never use canned air or dusting gas.

  1. In general, place it and keep it inside the original bag or case to prevent damage on the surface if you drop it.
  2. We recommend avoiding modifying, painting, or personalize it, as this could reduce its protective capacity and will void the warranty offered by the manufacturer.  We spend many hours studying in laboratories, and a modified helmet may be less safe.
  3. If you are using a new cleaning product, test it in a small area to make sure you are using the right cleaning product and avoid surprises.

The Following Are Some Ways You Can Clean Your Helmet After A Ride. 

  • Cleaning the Outside of Your Motorcycle Helmet 

The first advice we give you from Micro DOT Helmets is to only use approved product from a manufacturer you trust. Follow the instructions, but in general apply it with a cloth dampened with water and rubbing it gently.

One handy trick is to let your cleaning product work for a while. This way, debris, and dirt will come out easier.

If you don't have a specific product on hand, you can also use a cloth dampened with hot water (less than 70 F degrees) and apply a drop or two of neutral soap.

  • How To Clean the Inside of your Helmet.

The interior is not so exposed to the elements, but it is the area motorcycle helmet where our own sweat accumulates, especially on hot days.

Pull the liner out and to spray a disinfecting germicide on the surface to clean, disinfect, and neutralize odors. 

Ensure the liner is completely dry before wearing the helmet again or before putting it inside the bag. 

If you care for your helmets judiciously, then it will be several years before you must replace them. However, just like all the other products, there will be a time when your helmet will get worn out, and you will need a replacement product. 

So, replace your helmets every 3-5 years. All depends on how often you ride and your riding style. If the straps, Velcro, buckles, or fastenings have lost their touch, then you need a replacement. 

And, if you've been in an accident, then you need a new small motorbike helmet to reinsure your safety. Take advantage of the MicroDOT Accident Replacement Policy to receive a fresh new helmet.

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