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MicroLid the Best motorcycle Baseball Style Helmets for Bikers

MicroLid the Best motorcycle Baseball Style Helmets for Bikers

Micro Lid Baseball Style Helmets are the epitome of a casual style in a vintage classic ball cap for motorcycle riders. MicroLids are not hot, do not itch, and perfectly represent your type while complementing your look and standing out from the crowd. With so many different brands coming out with new models and styles each year, it's easy to see why some people are so into this stuff, but Micro Lids are the only ones that come with an Accident replacement policy. If you get into an accident, it will be replaced with a new brand helmet.


What is a Micro Lid Baseball Style Helmet?

Micro Lids, unlike traditional helmets, fit like a baseball hat. It has the flexibility to be worn forward or backward, giving you a classic look you want like no other helmet. The shell is made in ABS; it has a soft and removable inner liner that does not add pressure to the head. The liner can be washed to avoid a nasty smell on your hat.

The straps meet DOT requirements and have a quick release for an EZ on and off experience using only two fingers to buckle up.

If you're looking to customize your Small MicroLid Helmet you can always get it with an Airbrushing or Pinstriping artist to match your style.

MicroLid Curve Baseball Style Helmet for Bikers

You find a fashionable, durable helmet with a Micro Lid Curve Baseball lid. The curved brim allows you to paint, add, or brand it with your favorite logo or nickname. 



Micro Lid Slider Baseball Style Helmet for Bikers

The brim is not very pronounced, reducing the friction of the air and allowing you to "Slide" on the road. 



Bottom Line

Whether you're an avid cruiser or just starting in the motorcycle lifestyle, there's no denying that a MicroLid Curve or a Slider baseball cap is a helmet you need if you want to ride with style. 

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