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Why a MicroDOT Beanie Helmet? Maximum Visibility, DOT Approved, Super Comfortable, and Safe to Wear



One of the most significant advantages of a Micro Beanie DOT approved helmet is that it provides to the biker plenty of visibility and 200 degrees of vision of the road ahead to look for hazards in front or around you. These biker helmets don't look like bulky standard DOT helmets. MicroDOT Beanies are open-face half-shell lids designed to cover all of your head. MicroDOT Helmets recommends that the rider wear proper safety glasses and face shields to decrease injuries in case of an accident.

A beanie motorcycle helmet dot approved should sit evenly around the head, covering most of your forehead, and stop a half inch above your eyebrows. The sides must be low enough to avoid pressure on your ears but not so low that they fall over and squeeze them. This applies to all styles, the Twister Reversible Beanie, the Blister, a classic SOA style, and the MicroDOT Mayhem, a Motorcycle Helmet German style.

The helmet comes in seven sizes, ranging from 20 to 25 inches. So please check your head measurement  with a tailor tape, no too loose no too tight so you get the proper fit that secures the helmet on your head.

Also, to be a true MicroDOT, the dot motorcycle helmet should have a quick release; adjusting both straps and the buckle or closure device just under the center of your lower jaw. The strap has seven adjustment points; it does not need to be cinched tight against your skin. The strap should feel slightly snug against your jaw when you open your mouth. It is fine if it dangles in the air a little bit. 

It is crucial to check that your helmet fits properly before each ride. If you wear a cap or bandanna under your helmet, you must check that it is securely in place. These minimal adjustments will become second nature after a few rides, and you'll be able to perform them with your eyes closed after a few tries.


We don't want you suffering accidents, but we want you to know that when a crash happens, or the helmet drops even from the bars of your bike or waist height, a MicroDOT Beanie is no longer suitable to meet DOT standards. You will need a new helmet. When you get into an accident, please send us the police report verifying the nature of the accident so you will obtain a new one free of charge; you cover handling and shipping back to you. The MicroDOT Helmet accident replacement policy is available here. That comprises all styles, including our favorite German style motorcycle helmet, the MicroDOT Mayhem.




A DOT approved helmet must meet all the required standards to help the biker decrease the impact on the head. The DOT label should be engraved on the finish of the helmet. If you get a helmet with a removable sticker, be aware that it is fraudulent, and if the police or troopers stop you, they will give you an expensive ticket.

There are no requirements for comfort; that is a decision the biker makes based on their physical condition and particular riding style. Still, the comfort and appearance of the helmet also depend on the material that needs to be strong enough to absorb impacts but light enough that it does not cause degeneration of the bones on your cervical spine.


An expensive $800 full face helmet sitting in your garage is not good when you need protection on the road. So it makes sense to invest in a lightweight MicroDOT helmet that you can wear in any weather without feeling like you've got a mushroom on your head. Wear the dot-approved stylish products from if you want a secure yet leisurely experience.


A DOT approved helmet for motorcycle, must sit evenly around the head and stop at least an inch above the eyebrows, it should cover most of the forehead, and stop just an inch above the ears. The strap should feel slightly snug against your jaw when you open your mouth. This applies to all styles, the Twister Reversible Beanie, the Blister, a classic SOA style, and the MicroDOT Mayhem, a motorcycle helmet german style. Please ensure that your head measurement corresponds with the size chart before you order a helmet.

Protect your investment with FREE  Accident replacement policy in case you are in an accident.

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