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Six reasons to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle 

Six reasons to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle 

Why Riding a Bike?

A motorcycle is one of the most practical and fun vehicles available today. Who does not enjoy the sensation of speed and the wind on the face? In addition to being gorgeous, there is a whole culture around the motorcycles, rides and community.

But as fun, as it is, it is also one of the most dangerous means of transportation. This is mainly due to motorists do not respect the motorcyclist's space.

From the biker, there is also  lack of attention to the minimum safety conditions necessary for riding such as:

  • Not carrying the minimum required safety equipment.
  • Traveling at excessive speed.
  • Exceeding the passenger capacity for which the vehicle is designed.

Have you ever seen a couple on a motorcycle, with the driver wearing his helmet and the passenger without protection?

Or how about people traveling on a bike as if it were a family car: the father drives, the mother is the passenger, and a child "standing" and holding his father, while his mother has a second child between them. Rather than seem curious, these situations are risky, in which someone can be seriously harmed.

Therefore, we will review the importance of wearing the necessary protective equipment to travel safely, mainly the helmet.

A Well-Fitted Helmet Saves You from A Lot of Trouble

In 2020 Road traffic collisions caused more than 1.2 million deaths worldwide  being the leading cause of death for people between 15 and 29 years old.  

These five factors increase the risk of injury in a motor vehicle accident 

  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances
  • Riding a motorcycle without a helmet
  • Not wearing seat belts and
  • Children without a safety seat  

Speaking specifically of motorcyclists, bikers wearing a DOT-certified helmet reduce the risk of dying in an accident by 40% and prevent up to 70% of the possibility of suffering a severe injury.  Therefore, it is essential to wear the helmet and ensure that it meets the safety specifications.

Safety Features of The Helmet on A Motorcycle

Experts explain that the helmet fulfills six essential functions:

  1. Wearing a Micro DOT beanie helmet, reduces the skull's deceleration and the brain's movement in a collision as the helmet slows down the speed of the impact. 
  2. The shell and inner padding of a MicroDOT Helmet, reduce the  speed and force during a crash as It disperses the energy of the impact on a larger surface, and the blow is not concentrated in a specific area of the skull.
  3. Beanie DOT Helmets  avoids the direct impact of the skull on the pavement since it works as a mechanical protection barrier.
  4. The helmet protects the skin from abrasion in case an impact drags you.
  5. Protects the head from being hit by objects on public roads such as stones, iron, glass, etc. It also prevents debris from entering the eyes, such as insects, dust, or garbage.
  6. It is advisable to buy two helmets for the driver and one for the passenger.

Finally, it makes some recommendations for motorcyclists due to the high incidence of accidents they have in the world:

  • Wear certified helmets to resist impacts during an accident
  • Respect speed limits
  • Do not drive drunk
  • Do not use the cell phone while driving, and 
  • Buckle down your helmet

Other Interesting Statistics on Helmet Use

  • A motorcyclist with a helmet has 73% less mortality than those who do not wear one.
  • Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of severe head injuries by up to 85%.
  • 2 out of 3 motorcycle accidents happen in urban areas, at low speed, and less than two miles from home
  • The most significant number of deaths in motorcyclists is due to brain injuries. 
  • Not wearing a helmet increases the risk of dying in a motorcycle accident up to three times.
  • 67% of motorcycle accident-related injuries occur to the skull or neck.

A Good MicroDOT Beanie Motorcycle Helmet

A motorcyclist's helmet gives the motorcyclist a personal touch; it reflects his personality. The designs are varied and can be so colorful and decorated in hundreds of ways. Before this point, however, you should consider how reliable it is in protecting you in an accident.

To choose it, you must consider some aspects such as the type of motorcycle you drive and the roads you frequently use, since a high-speed accident on the road is not the same as one on a secondary road.

It is also important to choose it according to your physical complexion. For maximum safety, the helmet should fit your head. Bigger doesn't mean more protection; if it is heavy, you likely won't wear it. A tight-fitting helmet could hurt you too.

Read more here about how to choose a motorcycle helmet

Characteristics Of Motorcycle Helmets

  1. Helmets must be made of light and resistant materials. They must be designed to protect the biker and not to show off.
  2. The interior must have a thick lining based on firm polystyrene foam. It is unsafe if the interior contains soft foam or is made of plastic, glass, or crystal.
  3. The fastening system must have resistant straps holding it to the chin.
  4. It should have solid rivets to securely hold its position, no matter the force of the impact.
  5. It should fit the user's head without being too tight when putting it on. You can't move freely.
  6. If you don't fasten the helmet when putting it on, it's as if you didn't wear it.

The Weight of The Motorcycle Helmet

Bikers' helmets should not be too heavy since heavyweight could injure the user's cervical.

Remember that any vehicle powered by an engine, by its very nature, is considered dangerous due to the damage it can cause. Therefore, if you are a motorcyclist, you must have motorcycle insurance.  Motorcycle insurance not only protects you from the damage you cause, but it also gives you help in case you need medical attention, suffer minor mechanical failures or your motorcycle suffers some damage due to a traffic event or is stolen. 

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