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Are Scooter Riders Required to Wear Helmets?

Are Scooter Riders Required to Wear Helmets?

Are Helmets Required for Electric Bikes or Scooter Riders?


There are States with not helmet law, still common sense advises that people all ages with a connection with the road enjoying riding a Bicycle, a Scooter, In-line Skating, Skateboards, Mopeds or Motorcycles should wear a helmet to reduce the risk of head injuries. As long as you find a good fitting helmet that is small, lightweight, and meets DOT protection standards, wearing a MicroDOT Hemet for riders is an easy to adopt habit to commute and enjoy the road.

Why Are Scooter Riders Urged to Have A Helmet?

Having a bike or a scooter is a fun and good idea, but roads can be a dangerous environment for bike riders. In general, riders will be satisfied with a half-face helmet. This type of riding helmet provides adequate ventilation, comfort, and safety. Because of this, a MicroDOT Helmet is an excellent choice for those who enjoy the freedom in the city, the seaside or wooded rides.  

Also, consider the wind noise and weather conditions when you take a ride.  There are also different helmets for each riding style. Before purchasing, always check the shape and size of your head, as these are decisive factors in selecting a helmet.



What is a MicroDOT Helmet?

The MicroDOT Helmet is a half shell )half face) scooter helmet from MicroDOT which is known for its durability, lightweight as it weighs less than a bottle of water, and its resistance to impact. It has an extended EPS lining that works great when absorbing shocks caused by a hit on the head. The liner is lightweight and doesn't heat up, so it doesn't bother your scalp. 

You can accessorize your helmet with a Moisture-Wicking Headliner from MicroDOT as It absorbs sweat, keeps your head dry, and makes rides more comfortable. Also, get a set of Ear Pads to minimize the wind noise, so you only hear the music you want to hear and also take phone calls. Don't forget to throw a set of Protective Riding Glasses to help keep your eyes safe from flying debris, dust, and rain. 

Type of MicroDOT Helmets. 

MicroDOT Offers three basic types of helmets. Helmets for Oval heads, like the Twister Reversible Beanie, Helmets for Oval/Round Heads like the Blister Small DOT approved helmet and Helmets for well round heads like the MicroDOT Mayhem German Style Helmet. If you like a helmet but your head has a different head shape, you can customize the helmet to get a proper snug fitting helmet.

Our Free Accident Replacement policy covers all riders that suffer an accident while wearing a MicroDOT Helmet. It means that if you get involved in an accident, you just send the helmet back with a copy of the police accident report, and the company will ship you a free new helmet (***Cost of handling and shipping apply***)

  • MicroDOT Twister Half Face Scooter Reversible Beanie Helmet 

The MicroDOT Twister Reversible Helmet, is one of the most popular scooter helmet in the market,. It combines a futuristic and aerodynamic design with excellent safety features like all the other helmets on our list. It is street legal and approved by DOT, which will give you the confidence to invest your money in it.

MicroDOT helmets have silky straps and a quick-release buckle that adjust to maintain the helmet in position.

With the Carbonfiber Look Twister scooter helmet, you will be the star on the street, no matter what the weather is. 

Finally, MicroDOT provides a fun and handy carrying bag for when you aren't on the streets.

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Those who commute around the city daily will absolutely love the Blister Low Profile Scooter Helmet, as it is a cool-looking DOT Street Legal Beanie. This helmet will certainly meet your expectations if you wish to ride your scooter for longer distances.

The highest safety features are combined with a high level of comfort in this helmet, making it one of the favorites on the market. The helmet is lightweight, with a pleasant liner that promotes a snug feel and keeps your head secure.

Riding through the wind is a fantastic experience due to the aerodynamic shape, like a blister. Enjoy roadside views and get the most out of your rides with wide-open eyesight.

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  • MicroDOT Mayhem Helmet German Scooter Open Face Helmets.

If you're a fan of the traditional German-style helmet, the Mayhem German Style Helmet may be a good choice. This sleek helmet covers the head and neck for the utmost comfort and convenience while traveling.

To ensure a snug fit, the helmet's chin strap has a quick-release device designed to fit tightly. The Mayhem Style is a MicroDOT characterized by a soft, silky chin strap.

The high-quality, sturdy, and durable ABS shell on this scooter helmet is designed for motorcyclists who like the classic look of the past century.

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A half-helmet is the ideal fit for riders with weakened neck and head injuries, as it is lightweight, reducing the pain and discomfort of the neck, head, and shoulders during a ride. 

To conclude, MicroDOT helmets offer a pleasant riding experience to all riders who enjoy commuting and moving at a steady speed. An added value is the free accident replacement warranty. The seller will send another one for free if you get into an accident.








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