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Ear Pads Wind Noise Blockers for Helmet From $10 - $20

MICRODOT EAR PADS provide full ear coverage; these are the perfect solution for all-season riders and commuters.

The earpads are also waterproof, designed to hold in-ear warmth while you ride.

  • STAY ATTACHED: With the simple helmet attachment, the pads stay in position to your Motorcycle helmet, you just fasten and go.

  • ENJOYABLE AND AUDIBLE RIDING: The MicroDot Ear Pads, block the wind noise Motorcyclists encounter while riding that causes hearing loss over the long term.

  • SAFER FOR EARBUD AUDIO: You will improve the safety and sound quality of your earbuds while you ride! Our pads reduce frustrating wind noise and allow for increased comfort and lower audio volume levels when wearing a helmet, so your ride can be safer and more enjoyable.