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How to Choose the Best and Lightest Motorcycle Helmet

How to Choose the Best and Lightest Motorcycle Helmet | Micro DOT Helmet Co

While riding a motorcycle, one thing you should never forget is to wear a helmet, not only to avoid a fine but for your safety. We have seen many people find it a bit confusing to choose the best helmet for them. We also know that everyone who likes freedom wants the lightest motorcycle helmet. In this post, we will help you choose the right motorcycle helmet and most probably the most lightweight, a Micro DOT Helmet.

How to Choose the Best and Lightest Motorcycle Helmet?

The Purpose

While choosing the helmet, the first thing you must be sure of is the purpose, whether you want it for long rides or commuting in the city. Then, consider your physical condition. Can you wear a heavy helmet without pain or strain on your back and shoulders? If after 30' riding you need to stop and have a break from your helmet, probably a full-face helmet is not for you. Therefore having a clear sense of your needs will make things easier for you to get the right one. For example, suppose you want to buy a helmet for long rides, and you have a history of injuries on your head. In that case, you need to find the lightest and the most comfortable motorcycle helmet.


The Type

There are different helmets in the market, including half-face, full-face, modular, and low profile DOT helmets. Here, if you want it for long rides, we will always suggest a full-faced helmet. Yes, choosing the lightest motorcycle helmet will be the best.


The Certifications

It doesn't matter the price; never forget to look for certifications like DOT or SNELL. Having these certifications ensures that the helmets have passed minimal safety parameters. Again, safety should be your priority.  


The Manufacturing Material

High-impact thermoplastics and Fiberglass are the most common materials used for the manufacturing of helmets. Carbon composites are also used to provide strength. Besides all this, it is also essential to check the material used to make internal parts of the helmet, including padding, inner lining, and mesh. So, you must always ask and check the material from which the helmet is made. Prioritizing the lightest motorcycle helmet is good, but ensuring its toughness should also be in your mind.


The Fitting and Comfort

Last but not least, the helmet you are buying must ensure perfect fitting along with high comfort. Especially when you want to wear it for long hours, comfort becomes most important. So, getting the lightest motorcycle helmet will only work if it is comfortable and fits appropriately. Thus, you must also consider this to ensure your safety and durability of your helmet.

The shape of your head will dictate if you need a helmet designed for oval or round-shaped heads. A Micro DOT Blister is designed to fit better on round heads. A Micro DOT Twister is designed to fit on Oval heads. If you are in between (round-oval head), no worries; the inner padding will take your head's shape to secure a proper fit.

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