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Benefits of Wearing a Headband During your Rides

Benefits of Wearing a Headband During your Rides | Micro DOT Helmet Co

So, you've taken the plunge and bought yourself a new motorcycle.  Now, maybe you want to ride in with your partner. If your better half is a novice in riding, it is essential to keep her head warm whether you are riding in the dead of winter, on a crisp spring or a morning in fall season. Then you may be researching what is the right ponytail headbands to complement her look on your beautiful bike. 

In some cases, you could get away with tucking the ears into a wool cap. Still, it may be necessary to wear proper headgear in other cases.

Things you may consider: 
  1. A Beanie or a Headliner to wear under your Helmet
  2. A Set of Ear Warmers that attach to the Helmet
  3. A headband with a ponytail hole to keep an impeccable look while riding.

The under-helmet ponytail headbands keep the hair in place, ears covered, and the head sweat-free during your riding, hiking, rally, or any outdoor activity you have on the schedule.  

At MicroDOT we have biker headbands or bandannas with rhinestones designs on one side, so the stones do not hurt or irritate the forehead when wearing a MicroDOT Helmet.

Here are the Benefits o Wearign a Headband:

  1. Ponytail hole headband = No more frustrating slippage

An under-helmet ponytail compatible headband has a strategic ponytail hole located at the rear. Just thread your hair through it, and your band will stay in place instead of bobbing up and down or using elastic bands that damage, pull, or break your hair

    2.  Keep your earbuds and headphones in place

The MicroDot Biker Headbands keeps your wireless earbuds safe and in place. You can hear your music or answer that important phone call while you are on your bike.

    3. No more stinging red ears

 The Under-helmet ponytail compatible headbands provide full ear coverage to keep them protected and snug while still feeling light.

   4. Total comfort for a more comfortable ride 

The MicroDot Biker Headbands are made from soft polyester and a hint of spandex to give them some stretch. The band wicks away all sweat before it has a chance to reach your eyes. It's so light and breathable you won't even remember you put it on.


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Care and Maintenance.

The ponytail headbands with rhinestones make you look elegant and sophisticated. As you probably assumed, you can't just dump them into the washing machine and expect them to come out looking exactly the same. Nonetheless, caring for a biker headband with rhinestones is not as difficult as you probably think it is. There are a few things you need to consider. First off, don't toss them into a hot, steamy washer. The heat will cause the rhinestones to fall out, leading to frustration just when you are ready to ride. Logically, the same rule applies to popping them in the dryer.

To preserve the headband's shape and delicate details, it is recommended to do gentle handwashing, but if you must use your washing machine, please use cold water, which is a lot gentler than hot water. 

The secret to preserving the rhinestones on your biker headband during cleaning is this: Just turn it inside out, place it inside a laundry mesh bag and wash it with cool water in a delicate/gentle cycle. 

Do not place the MicroDot headbands with rhinestones in a dryer because it will cause the rhinestones to fall out. Instead, you can air-dry it on a drier line. If you don't have a clothesline, just let the biker headband sitting on a flat surface. If you are in a hurry, you could use a hairdryer set to the coolest temperature; the less heat, the better.

Ironing isn't off-limits, but you can only do it if the biker headband is turned inside-out. If you iron the rhinestones, they can become damaged. You should also set the iron to the lowest heat setting to avoid any problems with the rhinestones.

Sooner or later, a rhinestone will fall out of its place. When that occurs, don't worry about it; just use fabric glue and stick it back on.

These tips are extremely helpful for caring for the MicroDOT ponytail compatible biker headband.

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