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How Helmets Protect Your Head

How Helmets Protect Your Head | Micro DOT Helmet Co

Most of the deaths that occur in bike road accidents are due to people's negligence towards helmets. It is advised that you wear a beanie motorcycle helmet if you are not comfortable wearing a full-face helmet. 

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The Science behind a Helmet

Whether a beanie or full-face, certified helmets are made of high-quality plastic or composite material like fiberglass or carbon fiber. These materials are hard and impact resistant.

All bike helmets, including beanie motorcycle helmets, have internal cushioning to ensure optimum comfort and absorb shock. The cushioning is made of foam that prevents the head from severe injuries in case of an accident.

The helmet's outer shell is smooth. During an accident, it allows your head to skid, preventing jerks in your neck. On the other hand, cushioning provides support and minimizes injuries.

Considering all this, you must never forget to wear a helmet, whether it is a half-face or full-face or a beanie motorcycle helmet.

Why Wearing a Helmet while riding a motorcycle?

Beanie motorcycle helmets and other types are designed to protect people from serious injuries. Getting used to wearing helmets starts at a young age when children are learning to ride a bicycle. It is also essential that every rider companion must wear a helmet during bike rides. If you cannot wear a full-face helmet, consider a beanie motorcycle helmet that is small and DOT certified.

So, make it a habit to wear a helmet and ensure your safety.

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