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How to Choose a Bikers Helmet According to Your Ride.

small beanie micro dot helmet

Motorcycle rides are fast, fun, trendy and entertaining. Motorcycle rides sparks freedom, but at what cost? Safety is earned, and not a privilege as accidents and mishaps are unavoidable circumstances, solely depending on time and place. Motorcycle helmets reduce the severity of injuries. That is why a good bikers helmet comes into play in these scenarios.

What do you choose to ride?  

If you are starting in the motorcycle riders club or newly joined your friends, awareness is inevitable. You will learn to prioritize safety. If you like touring, your protective gear is essential for every ride. A DOT approved motorcycle helmet should match your ride. 

Most common bikes are:

  • Cruisers

  • Sport Tourers

  • Adventure bikes

-Sports bikes are built for one specific purpose to go around a track as fast as possible. They are tuned for maximum performance, with strong low and mid-range performance. Usually with short gear ratios and aggressive riding position for the rider, which is not comfortable for long rides

-Cruisers are built for maximum comfort with an engine with high torque to cruise at higher speeds comfortably.

biker helmet small beanie DOT motorcycle

-Sports Tourers are built for highway cruising, comfortable for long distances with long gear ratios for mile-munching ability, but they are slightly less sporty than the sport bikes on the track. They have a slightly aggressive riding position 

Adventure or dual-sport bikes are meant for dirt riding. These are built to go everywhere from off-road to highway cruising and are primarily used to explore places with no roads. The riding position is usually for comfort, but they are usually designed for riding while standing.

The rudiments of choice that will go a long way

A biker can choose an open face, modular, full face, or half shell. You can also wear an open face with a face mask and glasses . Half face helmets or beanies are preferred for long rides as these are ultra low profile, lightweight and small enough to fit in your saddle bags.

Sports and off-road might require you to wear full-face protection. Considering the heavy impact and destructive nature of accidents, this helmet becomes a reliable option.

The bottom line is the preference and type required for a ride. It is yet considering the appeal and dot-approved bikers helmet. 

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