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Use Your Head, Don’t Lose your Brain. Wear a Micro DOT Helmet.

We all know that the perfect ride needs the right bike, proper gear, and a safe DOT lid to top it all. The growing popularity of the retro-styled motorcycle market and an upsurge in the popularity of vintage bikes created the demand for beanie helmets as an alternative to riders looking for freedom on the road. 

Micro DOT helmets are compact, provide close-fitting, exceptional ergonomics, and high-quality materials. It is for sure that a Micro DOT Twister, a Micro DOT Blister, or a Micro DOT Mayhem will give your head the protection your mother says you deserve. 

Small Beanie Micro DOT Helmets and Fashion

“Always ride in style “has been one of MICRODOT’s main goals for many years. Leather jackets, vests, chaps, and boots are a statement of each one’s lifestyle. An adventurer rider might like a good-looking lightweight helmet to be fully equipped for the next ride.  

small beanie micro dot twister motorcycle helmet

Why wearing a Micro DOT Helmet? Because now you can say no more to headaches, strains, or cramps on your body. A MicroDot sits low comfortably on your head, allowing you to cover larger distances on the bike. You will find yourself cruising around the roads without draining your energy due to the constant humming and hissing of the wind.

The first thing you notice when putting on a Micro DOT helmet is its tight fit. It will take you a bit to mold to your head. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you will be a happy rider. Micro DOT helmets are designed to increase the aerodynamics on the road, preventing the wind from lifting the helmet, so you can easily maintain a racing position without getting worn out. The weight of just under 2lbs allows your neck and shoulders to have a break. 

Micro DOT Helmets can get accessorized with Ear Pads that help reduce the noise and wind on the highway; so, you can enjoy the pleasure that the open road has to offer.

What are The Most Lightweight and Comfortable Motorcycle Helmets?

The most popular Lighter and thinner Beanie Micro DOT Helmets are

The Twister

The Twister is a family of reversible helmets that the rider can wear like a baseball cap with the brim back or forward. You can play around with the look with this low-profile style. If you are riding against the sun, wear it with the bill forward. But, if you are on the highway and wants to improve the aerodynamics, just twist it and wear it with the brim backward.

The Blister

The Micro DOT Blister is the classic beanie like SOA style, light and easy to strap on. The quick-release is handy for the rider to maneuver with only two fingers.

The classic German Micro DOT Mayhem

Micro DOT German Mayhem is a low profile German helmet that sits low without the bulky look of other German styles that look like a spaceship and lift a lot with the wind.


Seasoned riders agree that Micro DOT helmet deserves the first place among helmets. A Micro DOT Helmet gives great value for money, is very comfortable allowing the biker to have both comfort and safety


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