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Why do people not wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle?

Why do people choose to ride motorcycles without wearing a biker helmet? Many reasons come to mind. Some think that motorcycle helmets are uncomfortable. Others think they are too hot and only wear one when it's cold out. Some riders believe they limit what you can see and hear, and most often, bikers think they have a right not to be told what to do.
Let's review some myths and facts about wearing helmets.

Myths and facts about wearing helmets

  • Myth: "The helmet affects my vision. I do not see well from the side."

Reality:  Peripheral vision is between 200º and 220º. International safety standards require helmets to provide 210º of vision. Beanie Micro DOT Helmets do not affect peripheral vision preventing crashes.

  • Myth: "With the helmet, I cannot hear well the sounds of the street."

Reality: Helmets may reduce the loudness of noises but do not affect the rider's ability to distinguish between different sounds. If the biker wants to maintain alertness about traffic around, half shell Micro DOT Helmets coupled with ear pads help reduce wind noise and help also protecting the hearing.

  • Myth: "In the event of an accident, helmets cause injuries to the neck or spinal cord ."

Reality: Research has proven a higher incidence of severe neck injuries in those motorcyclists who do not wear helmets. It has been demonstrated over and over that helmets reduce the number of severe spinal cord injuries. Beanie helmets protect the head, but of course, the face is exposed to the elements.

  • Myth: "Helmet laws are unconstitutional; they violate individual rights."

Fact: Courts have consistently recognized that helmet laws do not violate individual law. All traffic regulations require individuals to act in a certain way, regardless of whether they want to or not. For example, stop at the traffic light, prioritize pedestrians, respect the direction of traffic, etc. The legitimacy of these and other provisions are based on the fact that they are in place to protect one's own life and other members of society. Helmet laws are no different than these.

  • Myth: "If I kill myself, it is my business, only I will harm myself ."

Reality: For society, the death or permanent disability of an individual has serious, diverse, and long-lasting economic and social consequences; from the moment the accident occurs, the public health system (911, EMS, Hospitals) kicks in to assist the injured person. If, after recovering, the biker is left with a disability that prevents him from continuing with his previous job, the family suffers. For this reason, it is indisputable that the damage is not only personal. If you die, in addition to the loss of your working capital, the payment of pensions and care for your loved ones imply burdens on society.

  • Myth: "Motorcycles are a small percentage of registered vehicles; therefore, motorcycle accidents represent a minuscule burden on society."

Fact: The death rate per mile traveled is 16 times higher for motorcyclists than for those who travel by car, and the injury rate is four times higher.

Bikers from the '60s and '70s wore uncomfortable big heavy helmets. Today, you can find helmets that will not only fit you correctly but be comfortable for all-day rides. Today's helmets have a wide variety of designs from full face to 3/4 and open face or half shell helmets that allow you to enjoy the freedom of wind therapy. DOT-approved beanies or Micro DOT Helmets enable you to ride in states requiring helmets with both freedom and comfort while protecting you from severe injuries on the road

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