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What You Should Know About Motorcycle Helmets

What You Should Know About Motorcycle Helmets

Helmets as Impact protection Devices

No impact protection system can protect a rider from suffering injuries. Helmets can’t prevent accidents, but a motorcycle helmet can help protect your head, your brain, and your life in a crash. DOT motorcycle helmets provide substantial protection. It is essential to check for the retention system, penetration resistance, and a helmet that offers an ample field of vision.

Motorcycle safety and helmet protection

A Biker helmet, including microdot helmets, also known as beanies for their low profile and smaller dimension, works in three ways:

  • A Micro DOT Helmet reduces the deceleration of the skull: That means that the helmet reduces the shock in the brain. The padding material in the helmet absorbs most of the impact.
  • MicroDOT Helmets spread the forces over a greater surface area: The shell of the helmet spreads the forces around the skull, not on a particular site of the impact on the head
  • Biker helmets act as a mechanical barrier: Helmets are a physical barrier between the head and the pavement preventing direct contact, burning of the scalpel and major injuries.

motorcycle beanie helmet Micro DOT Twister

Components of a Beanie Micro DOT Helmet

These three functions are achieved by combining the properties of four essential components of the helmet:

  1. The shell: In a micro slim beanie helmet, the shell is the strong outer hard surface, usually with a smooth exterior finish. It distributes the impact over a large surface area, lessening the energy of the crash. All helmets, including micro helmets, are designed to compress and break when it hits anything hard. The shell of the MicroDOT Helmet protects the rider against penetration by small, sharp, and high-speed objects. It also covers the padding inside the helmet from abrasions and raps caused by daily use.
  2. The impact-absorbing liner in all biker helmets and also in micro slim beanie helmets is made of a soft, crushable padded material called “Styrofoam.” This dense layer cushions and absorbs the shock of the crash.
  3. The inner comfort padding in helmets, including the smallest dot-approved helmet, is the soft foam-and-cloth layer next to the head. It helps keep the head comfortable and helps the helmet fitting snugly.
  4. The retention system or chin strap in a micro dot helmet is the mechanism that keeps the helmet on the head. A strap is connected to each side of the shell. Chin and neck straps are designed to keep the helmet in position when riding.

What the Law says, are you an anti-helmet advocate?

What comes to mind when speaking of safety in motorcycle rides? If you are an anti-helmet advocate who likes to preserve your freedom and enjoys the pleasure of riding without a helmet, or if you are a rider that believes that a helmet may increase the odds of spinal cord damage, we have good news; wearing a micro slim beanie helmet is a wise option that combines freedom, comfort, and safety.

  • What the Law says? We recommend getting familiar with what constitutes legal and safe.  When we talk about accidents, we understand the severity of the speed on the road. We know that a DOT certified beanie helmet can prevent injuries, minimize damages, and perhaps save a life. If there are concerns regarding the cost-effectiveness of wearing a motorcycle helmet, the riders can now consider wearing a MicroDot helmet that provides good quality at a reasonable price.
  • The appearance of the helmet: The standard protocol dictates that the surface of the helmet is free from external parts. The US Department of Transportation (DOT) sets the standard, tests, and certifies helmet manufacturers as DOT approved. A small label on the lower rear of the helmet is the most commonplace to find this certification. There is a catch; manufacturers provide fake stickers; hence, closer inspection should be your first instinct.
  • Quality of the helmet: Good motorcycle helmets can be purchased at a wide range of price points. One of the best features of MicroDot Helmets is the quick-release strap that can be adjusted to all sizes and is easy to put on and take off. The best small beanie motorcycle helmet offers excellent comfort and an elegant aerodynamic combined with a classic design.
  • Substantiality: You ride faster and more comfortably with lightweight shells made of ABS or fiberglass. These materials allow you to experience new heights of comfort and safety when you strap one of these Micro DOT beanie helmets. These small dot helmets are engineered to provide a secure yet comfortable fit for long days on the road.
  • Maintenance: A common question is how to repair or improve scratches on your motorcycle helmet? To remove scuffs, try a gentle rub with a quality microfiber cloth. Never use solvents; those are not recommended and can not only spoil the finish but damage the helmet shell’s integrity. If it is scratched, it is easier to cover it with a sticker. Be careful, though, as sticker adhesives vary. You need to ensure that they are compatible with the composition of the helmet shell. You could also use a permanent marker to mask the attention-drawing effect of a white scratch on a black helmet. However, the touch may not last.

In conclusion, with the joy of owning a motorcycle, and the responsibility of  gaining the approval of your loved ones by choosing to wear a helmet. You worked hard to afford it; it makes sense to own a MicroDot Helmet that provides comfort and safety.

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