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What Makes a Good Motorcycle Ride?

What Makes a Good Motorcycle Ride?

“Dress for the slide, not the ride. Wear a Micro DOT Helmet”

This is a well-known motto among motorcycle riders, meaning one should always wear protective clothing and gear before leaving home. In the biker community, everyone wants to wear their bandanas, sunglasses, vests, slick leather jackets, chaps, and boots when they hop on their motorcycles, but many times bikers think twice before wearing a helmet. That’s why MicroDOT Helmet Company was founded.

A Micro DOT is a small beanie that is DOT approved and allow you to enjoy an easy-breezy ride. These beanies provide great protection without weighing you down, decrease any potential discomfort from restricted head movement and offer wide visibility on the road.  MicroDOT helmets have become immensely popular in recent years, not only among lovers of Harley Davidsons but also Choppers, Indians and Victory riders. 

Since Micro DOT Beanie helmets are not full-face, you may question their safety. We suggest that a $600 helmet that you DON'T wear, stays on the shelf because it is heavy, bulky, itches, and makes you sweat does not offer any protection; instead, a Micro DOT Helmet is the lid that you can wear all day without pain and meet DOT standards.

Get your Micro DOT Helmet with Lifetime Warranty and Free Accident Replacement Policy Here.

What Does the Market Offer?

There are plenty of choices when it comes to biker gear, helmets, vests, and jackets for women and men, but fortunately, the internet has made things simple

Leather garments

Jackets are for safety and protection; vests act as windbreakers; these are lighter and pack smaller than jackets and are thus perfect for lightweight rides. Never forget to pack a rain suit primarily intended for protection against the rain, but it also provides good protection against the wind.

Armored vests stand out for the chest plate and a spine protector when riding. The high-impact shock-resistant armor shell protects our main body parts (chest, spine, and shoulder), and the breathable fabric with high foaming EVA lining is comfortable and breathable. Overall, you can expect vests to be abrasion-resistant.

Beanie Helmets

We have designs for every budget and head shape - so you can find the right one for you! The German Motorcycle Style or MicroDOT Mayhem is a low profile helmet that sits low to the head, provides shade to the face and around the head and does not lift. 

All  Micro DOT approved smaller helmets are lighter and easier to wear and store inside your saddle bags, nothing like  bulkier full face motorcycle helmets. A Micro DOT helmet has a quick-release strap that makes it easy to secure and take off the helmet, saving time and effort when you are in a hurry. The quick-release strap also gives the half helmet a cool, old-school look. 

Motorcycle Riding… is it for Everyone?

Motorcycling is not for everyone, and that is okay. But those considering becoming a rider will enjoy the freedom of the open road and the wind on the face while listening to the sweet familiar rumble of the bike, that’s called the biker's life!

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