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Why Is It Necessary to Wear A Helmet While Riding A Motorcycle?

Why Is It Necessary to Wear A Helmet While Riding A Motorcycle? | Micro DOT Helmet Co

It is well known that a motorcycle accident's traumatic brain injuries are not top of mind for most riders. Most of us are just thinking about how much fun it can be to hop on a bike and get on the road. Unfortunately, motorcycle crashes can ruin anyone's day on the road.

It is necessary to have motor skills, experience, and knowledge to ride a motorcycle to control the bike. Before starting a trip, precaution and safety measures are  essential to determine whether if you  will arrive at your  destination in one piece or not.   As a rule, before beginning any journey, make sure that you:

  • Have all your safety equipment
  • You are familiar with the motorcycle and the road (Plan your route and weather with enough time in advance)
  • You had been trained to maneuver your bike in bad weather (wind, storm, snow) or extreme heat.
  • You know how to avoid dangerous situations on the road
  • You are wearing protective clothing. Rain gear, vest, jackets, chaps, gloves and boots
  • You are wearing a helmet: Wearing a helmet is of the utmost importance when riding a motorcycle because it can prevent brain injury and death.

The severity of an accident is influenced by  factors like driver's age and gender, but what makes the difference is if the rider was wearing a helmet or not.

What Happens to the Brain During and After a Motorcycle Accident?

Right at the moment of impact in a motorcycle accident, the brain is jostled around inside the skull. It can crash against the sides and the top of the skull, causing bruising, bleeding, and tearing in the brain. While this damage can cause the initial symptoms, the real damage can be seen days after the crash when the brain damage can become more severe. The trauma from the motorcycle crash can cause the brain to swell. Since the brain is encased in the skull, which cannot expand because it's made of bone. The brain suffers further harm – even to parts that were not initially damaged by the crash.

If this swelling is not immediately resolved by prompt treatment, it can severely damage you , including leading to death

Long-Term Problems from Brain Injuries

Even if the rider does not die from the brain injuries caused by accident, long-term impairments can affect the rider's life for years. Most common problems are loss of motor skills, trouble speaking, memory loss, seizures, disability,   mood changes, including depression, anxiety, or anger.

Recovering From a Traumatic Brain Injury

Recovery from TBI can take a long time. The brain is a complex organ. The amount of healing and how fast a person heals will depend on the person and the type of injury received. Rehabilitation may take months or even years. A motorcycle crash victim that suffers a severe brain injury may deal with these mental and physical challenges for the rest of their life.

Because suffering a TBI often means hospitalization and rehab, medical bills for the motorcycle accident victim can be overwhelming. If the bills are piling up, you should speak with an experienced   lawyer to see your options.

The Best Way to Prevent a Brain Injury

Please do  not   to overspeed on your bike especially if you are not wearing a helmet. The absolute best way to prevent a brain injury from a motorcycle crash is to wear a helmet. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), helmeted motorcyclists were significantly less likely to experience a traumatic brain injury during a crash. The Canters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 69%.

Even if you live in a state with not motorcycle helmet,  it is a smart decision to wear a DOT Approved helmet every time you get on a motorcycle.

Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet

Not all motorcycle helmets are created equal, however. When selecting a bike helmet, make sure it meets minimum safety standards. These standards ensure that the helmet protects you from brain injuries caused by a motorcycle accident as much as possible. Look for a Department of Transportation (DOT) sticker.

What If You Do Not Like to Wear A Helmet?

Maybe you are one of the riders who simply do not like to wear a motorcycle helmet since it messes up with the  hair, makes you feel uncomfortable, feels too hot and the skull itchess when wearing one, wearing a Small DOT approved Beanie Helmet will be your option. A Micro DOT Certified Helmet will help you to reduce the risks of a severe head injury

Remember that accidents don't come without warning. If you love your life and care about your loved ones, wearing a Micro DOT helmet is the most sensible thing you can do.  

 A Micro DOT Helmet Protects You From The Elements.

Riding a Bike is for many the greatest sense of freedom. But, the chill of the air, the cold rain hitting your head can make you feel miserable, nauseated and sick. If you are riding In the scorching sun, long bike rides can lead to sunstroke. Such natural elements can cause accidents as well. Riding along with a motorcycle helmet DOT certified can make your bike riding experience more enjoyable.

Gives you better visibility:

An open face, half shell Beanie DOT Approved Helmet gives you 360 degrees visibility that helps you channelize all your focus and energy on the road. Different from  big face full helmets,  that decreases the visibility increasing the risk of accidents on the road.

Being Responsible with your Loved Ones:

We live to ride, but the only way to ride is to be alive. A responsible rider should reduce the severity of road accidents by wearing a helmet. Buy the best motorcycle for you and your partner to enjoy all the freedom on the road. MicroDOT Helmets can help you finding the best Small and light Beanie Helmet that is DOT approved.

Follow this link and complete this quiz to find out the best helmet for your ride. 


While riding can give you a sense of relief, ensuring your safety by wearing a Micro DOT Beanie Helmet, will make your ride  worry free.

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