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How To Buy A Motorcycle Helmet For Women: The Ultimate Guide

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Are you looking for the smallest motorcycle helmet for the woman in your life? Well, you need to choose a helmet that stands out for its quality, beauty, attractive design, and comfort. Also, you need to know what makes a helmet for the woman different from men. Most of the women's motorcycle helmets are slightly smaller than an average men's motorcycle helmets, for starters.

Motorcycle helmets for women go through the same manufacturing process as those for men. The design process is made to match the likings more appealing.   Also, keep in mind what type of motorcycle she rides to choose the certified motorcycle helmet for women that best suits her needs.  There are helmets in attractive colors, letting them flaunt their femininity while wearing headgear.

Here we list some tips for you to consider when choosing the perfect motorcycle helmets for women.

Do Not Give Her Your Old Helmet. 

Many women start riding late in life; many times, their partner chooses to give them their used helmet. Even if you swear that it is almost like new, It may have some structural damage from previous hits and be useless to protect her life -which is what it's all about-. You also know the fitting is not going to be good. Give your lady the chance to find and buy her new first helmet.

Comfortability Quotient:

A helmet should cradle her head and make her feel comfortable at the same time. It should fit perfectly to serve its purpose as protective gear. It should not waggle around when shaking the head. It should not be tight at all, either, otherwise riding a motorcycle will become a tedious and uncomfortable process.


Weight It is another crucial variable to consider when purchasing a DOT approved Motorcycle helmets for women. Helmets that exceed 1,400 grams should not be purchased. In case of impact, the heavier the helmet, the more rotational forces can cause internal brain damage. But it is also a question of comfort because the weight is noticeable after a long-time riding. A MicroDOT Ultra Low Profile Dot Helmet weighs less than a bottle of water, making it the favorite option if you want your woman to be willing to ride long distances with you.

Ensure  DOT Certification.

Make sure that her new helmet is approved and certified by the Department Of Transportation. Helmets must go through various quality tests to ensure the highest possible safety. If not, please do not buy it. Think that a helmet without homologation has not passed minimum tests of resistance to falls, so imagine how safe her head is inside an eggshell. 

Impact and stiffness tests are carried out in which the outer shell of the helmet is struck with anvils, one flat and the other wedge-shaped or curb. It is subjected to extreme environmental conditions and projection, retention, and friction tests. The visual field is also essential. The wider the visual area, the safest it is for her.

Affordability Factor:

The helmet is the essential accessory for any motorcyclist girl. That is why we do not recommend sparing expenses when choosing motorcycle helmets for women. When it comes to personal protection, spending some more bucks is not such a bad deal. Plus, a helmet is an investment that lasts at least five years unless she breaks it or gets in an accident. You can always find a helmet that passes all the local safety standards and fits in your budget range.

The Right Type For Her Riding Style

You can opt from the various types of helmets available in the market like the open-face, full face, flip top, etc. look for a variant that supports your head and safeguards your love for riding motorbikes.


It is crucial to choose the right size when buying a new helmet because, in 20% of serious motorcycle accidents, the helmet is thrown off. After all, the size of the fastening is not adequate. According to the manufacturers, 60% of riders do not choose the right size. The helmet should not exert excessive pressure, but neither should it be looser than necessary to prevent it from "dancing," thus avoiding slipping in the event of an accident. It has to mold to the shape of her head without creating discomfort for being too tight. We must bear in mind that over time the interior gives way, giving of itself, so it is not a bad idea to tighten us a little at the beginning taking this into account.

Take your time to choose one that the helmet is her right size. 


For a woman, just like men, safety and protection are of predominant importance. And that is what you need to look for when buying the smallest motorcycle helmets. Now that you know what is necessary, you are ready to find her the perfect helmet; answer this quiz to find the best half shell Beanie DOT Certified helmet that fits your budget and gives her the comfort that she needs.   A MicroDOT Helmet will help you enjoy the ride of your life.

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