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How Safe Are Micro DOT Open-Face Helmets?

If you like to live your life on the edge, now you can, but only along with a Micro DOT Helmet. It is the most necessary piece of gear you put on your body and reduce the overall risk of dying in a crash by 37%! 

No amount of experience and training can protect you from any accident and guarantee your safety at all times. 

Safety is very crucial since it makes sure that your next motorcycle ride is not the last. And for that, you need to spoil yourself in a helmet that ensures your protection at all times. The Best Small Lightweight DOT Beanie Helmet in the market is a Micro DOT helmet.

Are Micro DOT Helmets Safe?

There are different types of DOT-approved helmets available in the market, depending on your needs. These include a full-face helmet, open face helmet, 3/4th helmet, modular helmet, dual sport helmet, off-road or motorcycle helmet, half helmet better known as Micro DOT helmet.

If you think that you don’t need to wear a helmet, when on the road, you never know when your ride might end in an accident, and then, you would wish that you were wearing a helmet.

Moreover, since the Micro Helmets are DOT approved, they aren’t just a piece of hardware you wear on your head but can take care of it in case of mishaps and uncertain incidents.

How to choose the right helmet for you

Like the amount of time you spend on finding the best motorcycle helmets, you need to determine which is the best fit for you. The prime aspect of any motorcycle helmet is their fit, and if it does not support your head in the right manner, wearing something stylish won’t help you out.

Therefore, look for Micro DOT helmets that are a great fit for your head, make you feel comfortable while riding a bike, and choose the style that makes you want to wear them all the time. The right fit for any helmet is a snug tight one meaning- the helmet is tight enough to protect your head but loose enough to let you wear it for long periods without getting a headache.

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