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The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Bikers Helmets

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If you had been browsing for reasons to buy bikers helmets, the chances are that you are not convinced about wearing one for your protection. The lightest motorcycle helmets make sense whenever you are riding on your bike. Many states have laws stating its importance. Different countries have different requirements for wearing a helmet.

The following are some key factors that you must consider when looking to buy the best bikers' helmets:

No matter what, a helmet should fit you perfectly:

A poor-fitted helmet is no better than not wearing one. It compromises your protection and safety on-road. So, make sure you buy a helmet that fits you perfectly and comes with some adjustable straps. Since you will be wearing it for every mile on the road, you want to make sure it is comfortable and effective in a crash. Remember, biker helmets' primary aim is to guard your head against any injuries if you fall off a bike. 


It should match your riding style.

Your riding style simplifies the selection process making it easier to find what option in the market meets your needs. 

Open Face Micro DOT Helmets are gaining popularity as they are amazingly comfortable, do not take up too much space, and  on hot days any biker appreciates not having to fight high temperatures.

The lightweight ABS outer shell and multi-density EPS interior guarantees maximum protection and shock absorption. 

A heavy full-face helmet will get your neck and shoulders tired after a few minutes of riding. One of the  best things of Open Face, Half Shell Beanie Helmets like a  Micro DOT is that it is so light so that you can use it for long hours without having to take it off to rest.

In this sense, it is important to remember that a Micro DOT Helmet weighs less than a standard bottle of water, so it is more comfortable to use than other models on the market. 

Another important feature, is the quick-release buckle. A MicroDOT comes  with a reinforced soft silky chin strap, that  makes it extremely easy to handle it even when wearing thick gloves.  


To choose your Micro DOT helmet, the first factor to consider is the size. Most  helmets are designed in five sizes (XS to XL). A Micro DOT Helmet has a range of seven sizes from XXS to XXL. This feature  is especially important since if you choose one that is too big for you, it will not protect you in an accident. If it is too tight, you will have a headache in a few minutes.


The primary function of helmets is to protect your head as much as possible and considerably reduce the chances of suffering a severe injury if you suffer an accident 

Studies carried out by various organizations indicate that deaths from head contusions during road incidents are less likely to occur when you have adequate protection. For that reason, when making your comparison of Micro DOT helmets, you should make sure to check the level of security that each model offers you.

The helmet must not only avoid external blows, but it also has to protect the internal part of the skull, as these blows can cause severe injuries. Many times, when a motorcycle accident occurs, in a few seconds, the brain continues to move and can hit the walls of the skull.

Once this happens, the inner shell can deform or break to absorb the most significant amount of energy before the blow reaches the head. The internal padding of the helmets helps to slow down the impact. In this way, the head can gradually reduce its speed, and internal damage will be less. 



The materials in which the helmets are made can define how much each model costs. Besides, they indicate the level of quality that a particular product has. For that reason, when making your choice, this is one aspect that does not you can stop checking.

One of the most used materials in its manufacture is ABS and polycarbonate, a resin characterized by its hardness, which allows it to be resistant to shocks, thermal deformation, and weather conditions.


In Conclusion, If You Are Shopping For A Helmet That Brings Comfort And Safety, A Microdot Helmet Is The Best Option For You. Choose From A Twister, Fitting Best On Oval Shape Heads Or A Blister  Designed To Fit Round Shape Heads.

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