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Safety Tips for Bikers When Riding a Motorcycle at Night 

Safety Tips for Bikers When Riding a Motorcycle at Night  | Micro DOT Helmet Co

Don’t You Love Riding Your Motorcycle At Night? 

Those cool breezes, empty roads, and starry sky overhead are only a few of the many pleasures nocturnal expeditions bring bikers. Unfortunately, the reality is that it’s just not all that safe. According to the CDC's data, the risk of suffering an accident at night is doubled compared to having an accident during the day. That’s why you need to take extreme precautions when reducing visibility. 

Tips to Safely Ride a Motorcycle at night.

To be on the safe side, here are seven tips we have that’ll help you ride at night unscathed:

  • Check Your Lights 

So often, we get in a hurry, and it slips our mind that we haven’t checked our lights recently. So we go out and -whoops, they aren’t working well! Check that your headlights work and are correctly leveled, and don’t forget to check your turn signals, brake light, and license plate light

Motorcycle helmet bike at night

  • Don’t Wear Smoked Visors Or Sunglasses 

While these types of eyewear are very useful during the day to protect you from the sun, when night falls, they prevent us from seeing clearly. As I’m sure you’re aware, this is extremely dangerous. If you still feel the need to cover your eyes, however, try MicroDOT’s clear Riding Glasses.

MicroDOT riding safety glasses motorcycle bikers

  • Do Wear Reflective and/or Light-Colored Gear 

Given how many bikes are mostly black, I’m sure you’ve realized that a motorcycle is hard to see at night. However, a light-colored jacket or one with reflective tape is much more visible. Alongside that, a helmet is very easy to spot from a distance if you add reflective tape or stickers to the sides, front, and back. Just make sure your helmet is DOT certified!

  • Increase Safety Distance 

Low visibility reduces your reaction time to sudden changes like someone stepping on their breaks or a wise guy switching lanes. So if you want not to crash, increase the distance between you and the vehicle you’re behind!

  • Reference Road Markings 

The very darkness you’re riding through at night will work against you, making it difficult to see what lane you’re in. Of course, glare from other vehicles’ headlights can have the same effect. Either way, it’s just good practice to look carefully at the markings separating lanes as your reference points.

  • Increase the Frequency of your Stops:  

At night our bodies tend to relax quicker and get drowsy, with tiredness and sleepiness appearing faster. Stop and rest as often as you need to and shorten the time between these stops.

  • Always Flash your Lights before Overtaking or Passing a Vehicle: 

Flashing your lights when you're about to overtake a car or a bike is one way you can let the other drivers know that you plan on speeding up ahead of them. People usually keep their windows up and play music, so they likely won’t hear you if you’re only signaling via audio, so make sure to give them a visual cue as well.

What is a good helmet for a biker that hates wearing one?

We here at MicroDOT hope at least one of these tips was helpful to you, and before you go, we’d like to give just one more word of advice: you know the saying -better safe than sorry! If you’re a biker and prefer not wearing a helmet, whether it’s night or day, we strongly recommend you get the Smallest DOT Beanie Helmet. That’s one more great way you can ensure your safety, security, and life. If you love riding, do so with your safety in mind and wear a MicroDOT helmet!

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