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Face shields or Neck Gaiters a Unique Garment for Winter

Posted by Lucy Lowthorp on

Driving a motorcycle is a pleasure, an adventure, you have a freedom that you do not have with the car, but a small disadvantage is that you are not protected against inclement weather. Today we have many options to mitigate its effects It doesn't matter if your motorcycle is a cruiser, a dirt or a sports bike, the industry had developed   an incredible high quality balaclava with funny designs  that make it part of your winter motorcycle riding. These accessories are design to protect your head from frost under the helmet, to improve the fitting of your Biker Helmet, and to cover the neck and the face, one of the most sensitive areas of the body

Neck Gaiters, Ideal Neck Warmers

Planning a Motorcycle trips in winter today is not rare, as there is a large number of thermal clothing and accessories that can get sensational protection, especially from the neck up, where the air impacts the most when riding a bike.

Many times, due to the type of helmet we wear, it is extremely uncomfortable to wear a balaclava. At the other hand a facemask is almost a mandatory accessory when wearing an open face beanie helmet, like a Micro DOT Helmet. This accessory brings comfort and protection from the wind and cold.

Face shields, Balaclavas or Neck Gaiter for Summer rides?

As soon as the sun rises, we are looking forward to our first day off to set a good route with the motorcycle, the kind that one enjoys in an extraordinary way, where you come across dozens of bikers who enjoy the passion and the emotions on the bike.

But we must also not forget that at certain distances and when on the road , temperatures can increase, so it is advisable to have a face mask for a summer than protects you from the UV light and prevents you from getting sun burns on your neck and your face.

A facemask is a perfect investment as you can wear it al year around. It comes in several colors and funny designs that complement your riding style.

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