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The Best Warm Face Masks. Don't Get Cold This Winter!

The Best Warm Face Masks. Don't Get Cold This Winter! | Micro DOT Helmet Co

Being a biker is not for everyone. Only a few of us dare to have total freedom when driving and enjoying the routes, fighting against curves and the weather to get to incredible places, either alone or in a group.

When Bikers wear a Small Beanie Helmet, it is recommended to wear a face shield to improve the fitting of the biker helmet and to protect the face from dust, pollen, and gases expelled by trucks and cars.  

It is always essential to be well equipped, both for safety and to endure the weather. When we drive in constant contact with the air, we need the best thermal clothing on the market, including face shields for motorcycle riders.

We must be careful with those small gaps that remain when we gear up. Experience has shown us that there are 3 points that it is often necessary to add an extra accessory. They are between the boot and the pants, the glove and the sleeves, and the jacket with the helmet. It is at this last point where we offer the best solution, a MicroDOT Motorcycle Face Shield.

Face masks are the perfect ally against the environment's adversities, main reason why these are in the top list of accessories most desired by motorcyclists, especially in winter, to protect themselves from the overwhelming cold in some parts of the country. 

We all remember our first ride in winter when we very soon realized the importance of shopping for a good face mask or a neck gaiter to prevent the cold wind from entering through the like space between the jacket and the helmet.

Advantages of Wearing a Warm Facemask.

In this section I want to show you that buying a Facemask or balaclava is a great idea, they have a special price. It makes up for many accessories that you would otherwise buy to protect yourself on a motorcycle. It covers your neck, head, face, ears protecting you from the elements on the highway.

The Face shields are not only accessories for motorcycle riders. It can also be used in other situations that require it, such as when you go skiing, fishing, or go out on a bicycle.

Also, It doesn't matter if you are in summer or winter. These face masks are capable of protecting you from the suffocating heat by keeping you cool due to its breathable function and from the cold due to its temperature regulation.

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