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Best Accessories for Bikers, that Protect You From the Elements

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It is winter time, does that mean that you will stop riding? Keep the fun with a Face Shields, Neck gaiter or Balaclava from MicroDOT Helmets 

Driving a motorcycle is always a pleasurable adventure with the cold wind in your hair (if you have any!) or the elements hitting down on you, it’s not always peachy-keen. As it stands, riders aren’t really protected against bad weather. If it’s raining you’ll get all wet, and if it’s cold you’ll just get colder due to wind chill. Fortunately we live in an era of innovation, and solutions have been found! In this face covering Review, we expound on the virtues of balaclavas, neck gaiters, and face shields, so rev your engines and let’s get this show started! 

 microdot helmet accessories  face protection shield balaclava neck gaiter

Balaclavas, the Russian Solution

Comfy and stretchy, balaclavas are one of the modern rider’s solutions to inclement weather -its design covers your entire head, meaning that finally you don’t have to worry about freezing your nose or ears off! Coming in a wide variety of patterns, balaclavas are almost guaranteed to be in a style you like. Get yours here from MicroDOT Helmets Co.

Neck Gaiters, not Neck Gators

Nowadays, going on a ride in the middle of winter isn’t exactly uncommon. As such, many different types of clothing have been designed with the face in mind, simply due to how often it’s left uncovered. This is one of the better solutions on the market: reader, meet the neck gaiter. Neck gaiter, meet your new owner.

Many times due to the type of helmet you wear, balaclavas are uncomfortable. Neck gaiters (sometimes called face-masks) are a good compromise between a full head covering and no covering. This is the type of accessory you’ll be kicking yourself over not getting sooner, given how when it’s cold wearing one of these can almost be considered mandatory if you’re not in a full-face helmet!

When Riding through Summer Fields, don’t forget your Face Shield(s)

When the sun starts rising earlier and setting later, you know summer’s begun. And when summer’s begun, riders come out of the woodwork to do what they do best -ride around town! And though soft breezes, shining beams of sunlight, and bright greenery abound, even in perfect weather a biker needs to take precautions. Riding is much less fun if you’re cursing yourself out later over sunburns!  

When you’re pounding the asphalt going 60 miles an hour or more , you need to be careful -the temperature’s gonna spike and you’re gonna be regretting it 5 hours afterwards, with your face covered in sun burns. As such, even though a face shield is less fashionable it is indubitably going to protect you from sun burns without getting nasty and sweaty like a face mask will.

What do you think; any of these accessories pop out at you? Have you got a burning (or freezing) reason you feel the need to combat? Get your own face-covering at MicroDOT Helmets Co.


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