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Probably you are wondering what Helmet  is the best for those riders that cannot wear a full-face Helmet. The answer is simple, you need to wear a MICRO DOT Certified Helmet. The next question is what are the Best Sunglasses when riding a Compact, Ultralight DOT Helmet.

Choosing Sunglasses When Wearing A Small Half Face Beanie Microdot Helmet.

Although any sunglasses could work, it is highly advisable to bear in mind that many glasses in the market do not offer proper protection. Let's check the most important features you need to know to choose sunglasses with a MICRO DOT Open Face Beanie Helmet.

Lens Material

When choosing riding sunglasses, make sure the lens is made of polycarbonate and not glass. This material is very resistant and also does not splinter. This way, you will not lose your eye if a pebble hits you.

It is also highly advisable that the glasses have an anti-reflective coating on the backside of the lenses. That way, the sunlight travels through the lenses instead of bouncing into your eyes, thus saving you from that backside glare.

For this reason, the best sunglasses for riders don’t have the anti-reflective coating on the front side of glasses, but rather on the inside only. 

riding safety sunglasses

The Frame and The Temples

It is always recommendable to choose sunglasses with a flexible frame made of high impact-resistant plastic. The frame should be closed-rimmed in close contact with your face to prevent the wind from entering and drying your eyes.

The temples are the long arms on the sides of the frame that extend from the hinge and over the ears to keep the glasses snug to your face. Choose slightly flexible temples that adapt themselves to the inside of the MICRO DOT Helmet. Besides, a plastic and flexible material reduces the risk of injuries on your face in case of an accident


First the Helmet, Then the Glasses

It may seem obvious, but the key to wearing glasses and a MICRO DOT motorcycle Helmet at the same time is to do it in that order. First, put on the Helmet, then slide the glasses. A MicroDOT Helmet takes care of the interior padding ergonomics giving you the flexibility to comfortably wear glasses.


Should I Go Up A Size to Wear My Eyewear?

The answer is no. The size has to be the correct one. As we always tell you, what is essential in a MicroDOT Helmet is to measure the head’s circumference and follow our size chart. The inner padding of our MICRO DOT Beanie Helmet will adapt to your head, and the glasses will adjust without causing pressure on your face.

In conclusion, remember that a MicroDOT Helmet is the Best Small Beanie Helmet that allows you to wear your glasses without causing tension on your head. MICRO DOT Helmets offer the best riding glasses that meet the requirements for a perfect ride and safe. Look for our MICRO DOT Riding Sunglasses, designed to cover all the angles of your eye, to fit well, have the UV protection are durable and highly resistant to impacts


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