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Can I use a damaged helmet?

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The Helmet is the Main Most Important Safety Element for a Rider. As we have already mentioned on other occasions, it is advisable to always wear a helmet that fits you well, and always buckle up with the Quick Release.

A biker helmet span life is usually around five years. Still, if our new helmet suffers an impact, we need to replace it earlier than that.  Keep in mind that if the helmet falls to the ground or receives a slight blow that does not show apparent damage, we should stop using this helmet.

The helmets are designed with an outer shell that protects our head from impacts and scratches from accidents. The helmet has an inner layer of polystyrene foam that absorbs the impact, reducing the risk of internal damage to the head. When we suffer an accident, the "Lid" or "Brain Bucket" serves its purpose by breaking its internal structure to mitigate the blow.

However, if that same helmet suffers a second impact, the layer that should absorb a new impact will not function because it was very weakened or even unusable from the first impact. The material's original properties have been lost, so the biker helmet would not effectively absorb a second impact, exposing the rider's head.

Therefore, we recommend that if you have suffered an accident or your MicroDot helmet has fallen to the ground from a considerable height, do not use it again and buy a new full-face helmetEverything is for your safety.

But, if you were involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident, send us a copy of the police accident report, and we will ship you a fresh New MicroDOT Helmet.

You can find our Accident Replacement Policy on this Link.

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I purchased a twister helmet 2 years back and was just in an accident while wearing it. And I must say this helmet did exactly what it was designed to do, and that’s protect my head. I was able to walk away with a little road rash and some bruised ribs but no head injury thanks to my helmet I bought from you guys. The twister helmet is not only comfortable but its for sure functional. I’ll be replacing it with another one most definitely.


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