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Everything You Need to Know About Open Face Beanie Helmets

Everything You Need to Know About Open Face Beanie Helmets | Micro DOT Helmet Co

Beanie Open Face helmets are light and small, ideal for traveling around the city, roads, mountains or just cruising on the roads. A Micro DOT half shell helmet is small enough to fit in the saddlebags—no more hanging helmets on your bars-

Half Shell Helmets provide a greater field of vision compared to others. When you wear a small beanie helmet, you have not blind spots, giving you better visibility. This increases safety plus allows you to admire the scenery on the road.

Micro DOT Helmets are characterized by their comfort and freshness. Since the helmets are lightweight, these beanie DOT Helmets don't bother your head, neck, back, or shoulders.

Small beanie helmets are also well known for its style, it is considered vintage, rebellious where you can feel freedom.

When is a Beanie Open Face Helmet Recommended?

A Beanie Open Face helmet is perfect for cruising hours long motorcycle rides in hot scorching summer weather. However, when riding under colder temperatures, you can accessorize it with riding glasses, ear pads, and face shields that protect you from cold air, wind, noise, and debris on the road.

The Micro Lid or Brain Bucket, covers the entire head on the sides and behind, which ensures proper protection. It must have a perfect fit without movement, so it absorbs 100% of the impact if you suffer an accident and blow up your head.  

Tips for choosing an excellent Open Face Small DOT Motorcycle Helmet

At this point, when buying your small beanie helmet, you must consider some recommendations, such as the different characteristics of each one:

  •       Quality: Half Face Beanie Helmets MUST be chosen based on quality materials that are highly resistant to impact in case you suffer an accident.
  •       Lightness: Open Face Helmets are small an comfortable, it is practical to take it with you and WEAR it, since it is light in weight and does not crush your neck or back.
  •       Versatility: A Micro DOT Helmet is a product that you can modify based on your taste and style. You can decide if you use glasses or put on-ear pads or any other accessory of your choice.
  •       Protection: With a Small Brain Buket, It is advisable to wear glasses or place a glass protector in the eye area to travel safely so that you do not suffer injuries on your eyes.
  •       Ventilation: Also called WID THERAPY. With a Micro DOT helmet, you will feel Free, Cool and Comfortable
  •       Secure Adjustment straps: The secure straps in a Micro DOT helmet adapts great to both men and women. It is easily operated with one finger, even with gloves, giving you a secure buckle to avoid unexpected movements

What Micro DOT Motorcycle Helmet to Buy?

  1. Micro DOT Blister:

This is a product designed with an SOA (Sons Of Anarchy) style. It offers a broad field of vision. It is made with quality, resistant and compact materials that protect you from directly impacting your head. Also, it weighs less than a standard water bottle, so don't worry about wearing a heavy helmet that is uncomfortable after 30' of riding.

This is a good option if you need wind therapy, going on a trip to clear your mind and relax. 

Look at its availability and price on Micro DOT Helmets.


  1. Micro DOT Twister

A Micro DOT Twister is most commonly associated with the TV show the Mayans MC. It has a unique reversible design that allows you to wear it like a baseball cap, with the visor front or backward.

The Twister is most frequently wear with the visor frontward. The DOT label is on the flat side of the helmet.

It comes made with a lightweight, shock resistant, and comfortable outer shell, so you don't feel the need to remove your helmet mid-ride. It has a padded lining ideal to cushion shocks, it is an open face, so you don't feel suffocated in hot seasons. 

Check the offers on Micro DOT Helmets; they always tend to have great discounts.


  1. Micro DOT Twister 2.0

One of the best features of this model offers you is improving aerodynamics and reducing the neck tension when riding motorcycles without a windshield. The Visor of a Twister 2.0 is designed to be worn facing backward. -See Izzy at the Mayans TV show -

Also, it can be worn with the front's visor when riding against the sun.

Check its availability and price on


How to wear an open motorcycle helmet?

You must follow specific steps to take care of your helmet and prolong its durability. If you don't know how to do it, here are some steps to help you maintain it.

  1.   Condition it – Accessory it: The best thing to feel comfortable is pairing it with a headliner, ear pads, face shields, and a good pair of riding glasses that match your particular style.
  2.   Use it –If you don't wear helmets, please wear a Micro DOT Helmet. It may very well save your life
  3.   Keep it clean –Clean, wipe your helmet inside and outside. See tips and tricks here

Where can you buy an open Micro DOT Helmet?

It is likely that you already know that a Micro DOT Half Shell Helmet is a good option for your riding style, but you are not very clear where to buy them, so here we leave you a list of where you can get the best products on the market.



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